If you are a hat lover, a gloves passionate, a collector of unique clothing  or you are looking for fabulous carnival costumes you must definitely pay a visit to the atelier of the well known Greek milliner - Katerina Karoussos.

Escapism Couture is the latest digital amazement in fashion created by multitalented and prolific fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

Her futuristic collection influenced by digital technology was showcased in Parisian Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Lately, my fashion inspirations circle around a somehow forgotten but powerful field in fashion’s imagery – illustration. Everything seems to be a lucky coincidence or some kind of unplanned procedure: - starting from the book which broaches the subject of fashion illustration, then a great telephone conversation with a fashion illustrator, and finally with Christian Dior’s Haute Couture tribute to René Gruau – the eminence in fashion illustration.

René Gruau, an outstanding artist with a versatile style based on line signature. He used to describe line as a root of art and significant feature capturing spointeinty, pace, emotions and many more:

“Just a line? But it is the basis of all art, with a single line we can express grandeur, nobility, sensuality, the line synthesises sensations and concentrates knowledge”, René Gruau
Miss Dior
Fashion Illustration by René Gruau, Miss Dior perfumes, 1947
This illustration was the work initilizing fruitful and artistic cooperation of Christian Dior with René Gruau for the Christian Dior Fashion House