A very specific period is approaching into the winter fashion,the celebration time, Carnival. Following one of the meanings of carnival as the travelling amusement show, I would like to invite you to the journey of the most luminous colour of this season - golden. We won’t be disappointed with the versatility that designers use in their artistry. Gold is present in whole forms, or like embellishments, served as glitters and the background. We will find it in rock ‘n’ roll bohemia with a decadent claw, the same as in soft retro style, or even in designs incredibly resembling the king’s robes, vestments and works of Church icons.

Yes to royalty, opulence, glamour.
Tea Petrovic is an artist and designer whose interest focuses mostly on shoes.

From her early years she was fascinated with the work of Russian sculptor Naum Gabo and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Tea took the main inspirations of both artists for her graduate project which resulted in the exhibition of a hand-made shoes collection.

She wanted to achive an expressive, structural and constructed in detail shoe, and the result was the astonishment of viewers. She simply wanted to present her shoes as the object of art.
The birthday of our blog Eye Candies has very special meaning to me.

It is mostly because of the number 7 - which is my lucky eye candy.

I also feel special affection for this number because of the fortunate choices in my life concerning 7.

The date of our blog birthday has also a more global and widespread meaning... Why?? Because on Tuesday 7th December 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen received posthumous Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards 2010 ceremony.

No need to comment about his artistry and contribution to the real concept of global fashion - we are already acquainted with that. Having been the most innovative and influential fashion designer of his generation, he won't let us forget ...

BFC chairman Harold Tillman, CBE, said: "The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the exceptional talent of an individual who has contributed to the British fashion industry both internationally, and here in the UK throughout their career.

There was only one person we felt we could recognise with this award this year - Lee McQueen."

The movie opening the ceremony was the tribute to Alexander McQueen and his most iconic pieces. This art video has a very expressive strong impact to the outstanding designs surrounded by the charismatic voice of Bjork. It is also a token of esteem for McQueen to be paid well – a well deserved tribute.

Speaking about the inspiration for the film, director Nick Knight, commented: "This film is my way of speaking about a very unique and important person who changed my life. My desire was to speak in some way about the dark and the light contained within Lee, and within us all."

Celebrate  the breathtaking imagination and groundbreaking designs of Lee Alexander McQueen. The latest fashion film by Nick Knight pays tribute to McQueen's sensational creations, stellar career, and most importantly to the man himself.