The collaboration between Berlin based artist Amrie Hoffstater and fashion designer Manish Arora has led to the creation of a collection that is a real feast for the eyes.

Hoffstater’s vivid, kaleidoscopic designs are imaginatively combined with Arora’s handmade embroideries and embellishments and the outcome is quite astonishing.


Do you remember wonderfully timeless “Iris” Shoes by United Nude? Well, I am like good messenger Hermes forwarding you with great news that both United Nude and Iris Van Herpen will launch a second collaboration!

Apart from this prolific collaboration with the talented fashion designer, United Nude is a company with their own creative signature and an architecturally influenced style. The brand was initiated by creative duo – architect Rem D Koolhaas and shoemaker – Galahad Clark a fruitful collaboration that results in the intersection of fashion and design. The main concept is based on innovation that pushes the boundaries – whether it is expressed in shape, construction or materials.

Tea Petrovic is an artist and designer whose interest focuses mostly on shoes.

From her early years she was fascinated with the work of Russian sculptor Naum Gabo and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Tea took the main inspirations of both artists for her graduate project which resulted in the exhibition of a hand-made shoes collection.

She wanted to achive an expressive, structural and constructed in detail shoe, and the result was the astonishment of viewers. She simply wanted to present her shoes as the object of art.