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I would like to introduce you to Zuo Corp.,  a newcomer in the polish fashion market that managed to conquer numerous Polish celebrities and fashionistas with their fresh and modern urban designs, unconventional ideas and their avant –garde project: Pop-up Shop, a jewel of interior design.
zuo corp. is a dynamic duo of Polish fashion designers Dagmara Rosa and Bartek Michalec who offer conceptual garments and casual wear made with high quality fabrics and components from Italy and Germany at a reasonable price. The collection is based on the idea of unique and includes several dozen items. The concept of the clothes is designed with an “organic geometry” technique maintaining the minimalism of stitching, unisex style and chic look. Zuo Corp’s talented designers specialize in two trademarked patterns:
  • Cross blouse - the name comes from the final shape ofa cloth with simple rectangular shape of fabric characteristic for two types of stitches only: vertical and horizontal.
  • Horn dress - resembling an origami piece with simple and soft line – inspired by the base of triangle patterns in the front side of the garment.
The dominant colours of the collection are: black, grey and white enriched with earthy colours from brown to khaki. Patterns include polka dots, stripes and checks.

Take a look at Zuo Corp. fashion designs:


Wool horn coats and cashmere wool trench coats appear for the women’s collection. Most of the wool dresses have a system of fringes and belts for the owner to recreate the cloth and change its shape.


The Menswear collection consists of cotton coats and parkas.
A part of the collection is the sportswear line made of high quality knitted cotton including the cross blouse and the clown's trousers.

Zuo Corp. Pop-Up Shop

The sales point of Zuo Corp. is quite a unique and revolutionary idea as their Pop – Up Shop is an inspiring project highlighting design, art and fashion. The avant garde 42square meters object looks like a simple black and seemingly dull cube, while the interior design reveals a visual effect of infinity with an impressive system of mirrors in the ceiling and walls and LED lamps placed on the edges of this mirror cube.

Sundance Festival nominee director Jacek Borcuch said: "It's like form Kubrick's Odyssey! First you see a big obelisk and when you get inside you fell like in Discovery space ship"

Take a look!

Zuo Corp. Pop-Up Shop - outside view


Zuo Corp. Pop-Up Shop - interiors

A specific space was created and designed by SUPER SUPER studio consisting of two designers Hania Kokczyńska and Jacek Majewski in cooperation with architect Agnieszka Kuczyńska. These talented designers had also the opportunity to design the interior elevation of the Polish pavilion during EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. On 18th of December 2010 they built the first ZUO Corp. on Bracka Street, 20 in the centre of Warsaw in Poland. The author of the sales point idea is brand manager Łukasz Laskowski.

The shop will run up to 30th March 2011;

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
12 p.m. – 21p.m.
Bracka str., 20

Those who like to pay a visit should do it very soon :)

Both the shop and the clothes are very impressive and worth viewing.

The brand will continue to use temporary architecture as a selling point during the next season by creating a new design space in a new location. The next shop will be designed by a new artist, will be set up during summer 2011 and will open its doors to present the fall-winter 2011/12 collection.

Images from zuo corp. double ad campaign

WOMEN by Mateusz Stankiewicz


MEN by Aldona Karczmanrczyk

Images: Courtesy of Łukasz Laskowski & Zuo Corp. Team
LINKS: http://www.zuocorp.com/

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