Cycling culture and fashion combined into a very fresh accessory collection, designed by Norman Petersen, both artist and cyclist. MechaWear handmade pieces are becoming an urban fashion trend and I’m glad to welcome Norman who talks to us about the whole project and gives valuable insight and advice.


I always love receiving emails from artists who are interested in showing their work on Eye Candies. And I was more than pleasantly surprised when Stephanie Bucholz introduced me to her creative world. Experimenting with a wide variety of art forms including figure drawing, landscapes, still life, even wire, Stephanie creates pieces that are rich in emotions. Pieces that are inviting to the eye and makes you want to look closer in order to explore the artist’s drawing techniques (lines, shapes, patterns etc) and in my opinion Stephanie Bucholz has undoubtedly a very personal and interesting touch.

Let’s welcome her!


Emily Claire Ballou, artist, interior stylist and photographer, has managed to succeed a quite challenging task:
to decorate a truly beautiful and inspiring space, with a creative touch, inspired by her love for Japanese culture.

The outcome I absolutely adore and I’m very happy to feature an interview with her on EC.


[All images courtesy of Emily Claire Ballou]

"Humble Beginning"
Julia Boersma – “mad artistic scientist”, fascinator of biological structures, forms and aspects of life, digital art creator, experimenter of her fascinations, conveying digital art into fusions of photography, sculpture, collage illustrations, software and many more. She is a final year student of Artez Fine Art Institute believing in self – development. Being involved in the fresh digital art field, Julia depicts her impressive visions through metaphysical illustrations that search mystery of life. She is an artist searching for the answers revealed by few or none. I had a great chance to exchange thoughts via the virtual world and to explore just the tip of the iceberg of the mind and soul of this unique person.

Kostas Rossidis I’ve known for a long time now. Haven’t yet met in person but started talking through MySpace and managed to keep in touch since.

I don’t think I’m capable of selecting the right words in order to describe his talent and artwork - not to mention his  witty & cool personality.

His surreal and dark creations manage to draw you in and have a strong visual impact. Every tiny detail is perfectly drawn and it's more than evident that plenty of thought and technique go into his pieces.

I’m very happy and proud to host and present you one of my favorite artists:

Katerina Karoussos – milliner - one of the last in Greece maintaining the tradition of hats’ craftsmanship; passionate for elegance, femininity, theatre! As a creative designer she follows the motto: “Mode and elegance is not a privilege but a personal right” and she is always looking for woman’s unique personality and style in her creations. We were invited to her magical atelier which had an enchanting vibe and elegance to talk with Katerina Karoussos about her great experience, creative fascinations and deep insights into the tradition and future of millinery craft.

Coco Pit



Coco Pit is a French designer, graphic artist and fashion illustrator. As a Fine Art graduate of the Paris-VIII University she started successful collaborations in communication consulting for leading French fashion designers and Couture houses. This experience gave her a great opportunity to focus on fashion and continue her interests in art.

After moving to London she set up her own company called getConfused specializing in creative and technology consultancy. Nowadays, Coco is a hard-working and enthusiastic artist dividing her precious time between illustration works and trend reports for diverse fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Muse and her expanding business Forget Me Not including magical scarves, cushions and turbans.

I had a great telephone conversation with Coco speaking about her artistic work, inspirations and experience in the fashion industry.


Anke Schuhardt, the cool “press fairy” of Herznote Publishing talks to us about fashion, social media and of course the team’s latest inspiring project entitled “CIRCUS” that focuses in the fashion industry and is implemented with the contribution of bloggers from around the world. Creativity and challenges are Anke’s forte – so let’s hear her out:

Hello Anke and welcome to EyeCandies! Give us a brief description of your background and your interests.

Hello Aphrodite! Well, I’m from Darmstadt, a city close to Frankfurt in Germany. It’s my hometown and I will finish studying Online Journalism this summer. We founded Herznote Publishing a year ago. However, we had other journalistic projects before, so we already had lots of experience. When I’m not working I like to do pretty normal stuff: reading books and magazines, listening to music, going to concerts, watching series and meeting friends. However, I also like stuff that is not that normal – I love piercings and tattoos, corsets and everything that's red and pink – like my hair.


Dimitris Strepkos – creative persona, imaginative fashion designer, one half of dynamic duo of Avant-garde fashion brand: Celebrity Skin formed with Eleni Barla, art director and fashion editor, fashion teacher, stage designer,  theatre passionate… Known for his bright optimistic personality and broad charming smile, Dimitris is a man of passions for art, fashion and Avant-garde.

I had the chance to meet him personally on the Eve of New Year’s Eve, in one of these artistically climatic coffees on the way to Plaka, in the heart of Athens to have a great talk about his passions, inspirations and experiences …


Christina Skarpeli
Best New Designer  on Athens Xclusive Designers Week,
October 2010, Athens -Greece

Christina Skarpeli – multitalented artist, fashion designer, fashion stylist and editor, art and fashion columnist, fashion blogger, and many more. She debuted as a designer on Athens Xclusive Designers Week with her first collection “ARTificial UtOpIa” for Scarp by Christina Skarpeli. Her second collectiongave her a great success winning the award of the Best New Designer on AXDW and a fashion show in Monaco. As the lucky one, I have attended her winning show “Sloth in Euphoria”. I was completely bewitched with the whole performance.

In her blog in the description note she wrote that “after her preparation for qualifying examinations for the School of Fine Arts, the fashion world won her over”. Or maybe she is going to win over the fashion world?