Kristamas Klousch is a young artist with a distinct passion for photography! A sample of her portfolio has been already featured in EyeCandies and time has come to host an interview with the girl that captures the essence of dreaming through self-portraiture.

Welcome to EC Kristamas! When did your photographic explorations begin and what triggered your creativity?

I can't really pinpoint an exact time though my childhood was full of creative individuals and I had the opportunity for so many creative adventures. I can remember being a very imaginative child, I had a collection of dolls that I would create stories for, it's funny to remember. I recall cutting up old clothes and sewing outfits for them, I would also draw a lot--my stepmother is a painter, she was very influential in that respect. I have also spoken a few times about my father being a huge influence ... one of his hobbies was photography and I can remember sneaking into his room to look at photos he had taken, it fueled a lot of my curiosity for the camera. When he knew I showed interest he taught me how to develop film, and always gave me access to a camera. It wasn't until my late teen years that I started to experiment with self-portrait photography, using myself in the photo was more due to being a loner and I've always enjoyed working alone in that way.