I’ve “met” with Michael Meimaroglou online some years ago and I was very inspired by his creative multitasking. As the publishing manager and creative director of the Urban Style Mag team he discovers and presents fresh talent in the field of music, film, visual arts and street culture but he always finds time for his own art and music projects as well.

Publisher, Art Director, Photographer, which of the three wins your attention the most and why?

That’s a difficult question… I think that each one of the three "choices" has different reasons to win my attention. So the combination of these responsibilities is the key...

How did the Urban Style Mag start and what is it’s main target?

It started on September of 2007 in Kavala, Greece with some friends that liked the idea of making a free press magazine. Well…the main target…a youth art friendly magazine with a very personal writing style. UrbanStyleMag is a work of amateur volunteers that love expression and arts. Nobody was a professional writer or designer. Now many things have improved and we can see our target more clearly and more “professional”.

Do you believe that urban culture is gaining ground during the last years and why?

Yea that’s a fact. As the cities becomes bigger the urban culture gains more ground.. I believe that the true urban culture or the true urban way of living is still underground.  We are living in a digital world with a mass of advertisements and information…so the answer is behind of all these things.
Music and art. We want you to share your favs!

Long list! Music… I make my mood with some of trip hop, post rock, darkwave, funk, jazz, soul, break beats, garage, indie, electronica…some fav artists Beastie boys, Dj Shadow, Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Amon Tobin, Prodigy, Moby, Radiohead, Archive, Stereo Nova, The Cure, The Smiths, Depech Mode, The Sound, Kraftwerk, Miles Davis and more.

Arts: Photography, Street Art, Digital Art…Seth Siro Anton, Banksy, Yakuza crew, Ansel Adams, Pierre-Louise Pierson, Dave Anderson  and many more!
What about internet culture and alternative means of information? Give us food for thought.

Internet culture is in my blood! Social networking, Blogging, Online news, skyping and all that internet trash! I love it.  Internet is a great invention and the best way of finding the Information you want in the right time.  

What should be expect from Urban Style Mag in the future? Any surprises ahead?

More printings, more people and more artists? Maybe…
J  Surprises? Mmm the international version of UrbanStyleMag?  
Describe yourself or your current mood using one link.

Kruder & Dorfmeister
remix of Depech Mode - Useless
Thank you very much for the interview invitation…Keep up the good work! All my best!

From Amsterdam, 

Michael Meimaroglou