Jean is the talented designer behind “3squares” where you can find elegant & minimal jewelry designs inspired by her passion for cooking. So, if you browse through her gallery you’ll find pieces entitled “Fettucine Puttanesca”, “Banana Foster”, “Pancakes”, “Triple Donuts” and many more amusing and original names. Today she lets us in her creative life, views and inspirations.
Hello Jean, what triggered your passion for jewelry design and what does “3Squares”, the name of your brand mean?

I’ve been creating ever since I can remember, but had a hard time finding the best medium for me. I tried painting, sewing, ceramics… but when I held a sheet of metal and a jeweler’s saw in my hands, it just felt right.

The name 3squares comes from my culinary obsessions. I have a busy husband and a 13-year old daughter who I am always encouraging (nagging) to eat better. I love to cook, but with our crazy schedules we often just have to fend for ourselves.  Our goal is to get in 3 square meals each day. And dessert occasionally, of course. 
What are your favorite materials and techniques when you assemble your pieces?

I’m a freak for metal, especially sterling silver. I’m attracted to clean architectural lines, and metal allows me to create interesting pieces without adding a lot of frilly details. I like to play with different shapes and finishes while incorporating accents such as hardware and leather to inject a little attitude into my work.

I create jewelry using only cold connections such as rivets, bolts, wire and screws. No solder here! It’s challenging to think through the engineering required to make everything fit together.
Where do you find inspiration in order to start creating?

I have a collection of more than 100 cookbooks, and I read them like novels. Really, at least a couple are sitting on my nightstand as we speak. A recipe or ingredient can spark an idea for a shape, color or texture. I generally sketch out my thoughts, and those often mutate into other ideas until I have pages (or envelopes or napkins) full of variations on a theme.

Can you share your top 3 favorite jewelry designers?

Well it changes daily, maybe more often than that. Today I will say Thomas Mann, Susan Lenart Kazmer and every member of the Jewelry on Etsy team.

How would you describe your selling experience in Etsy and what are your opinions concerning online promotion and advertising?

I learned quickly that the “build it and they will come” approach just doesn’t work. When I first opened my shop, I was a little nervous about approaching other sellers for advice and bloggers for feature requests. But once I reached out, I found a huge global community of generous artists more than willing to share lessons learned, give advice, and spread the word about my work.
What was the last art / craft exhibition you visited and what were your impressions?

Not exactly an exhibition, but I visited the Robie House in Chicago recently. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908, and it is simply a masterpiece. The level of detail is incredible, and Wright designed everything – the lights, furniture, gardens. Fantastic!
How do you see yourself in 5 years from now as a crafter?

I try different techniques all the time, so I see my line continuing to grow in all sorts of new directions. I’m so lucky to do this every day, it’s so rare to really love your job. At this point I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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04/23/2010 06:28

What a great feature. I love everything 3 Squares makes. She is one of the most talented jewelry makers I know.

04/23/2010 07:14

This feature on 3 Squares was amazing, I loved all of the pictures. 3 Squares jewelry is some of my favorite, she stays true to her theme and is always creating new and wonderful designs.

04/23/2010 07:45

great feature! 3squares has such unique and beautiful metal jewelry.

(i love robie house--FLW has such amazing lines, and i love his use of interior space)

04/23/2010 08:05

Her pieces are gorgeous, and I am in awe and jealous of the workspace!

04/23/2010 08:11

3 Squares is an amazing artisan and so admired. She is bright, confident, energetic not to mention one of the nicest people you could meet. This is a great feature on 3 Squares but doesn't even scratch the surface of the woman behind the talent!

04/23/2010 08:33

3 Squares is a really talented artist whose work is simply an inspiration to me. I love her clean lines and the way she "builds" her pieces!

04/23/2010 08:41

Jean's work is among my favorites! I'm drooling over her studio and organizational skills!

04/23/2010 09:16

Your shop is so organized! I'm jealous. I loved learning about your business name and I'm a huge fan of your works of art.

04/23/2010 09:36

What a wonderful feature! It's always great fun reading about the fabulous artists on Etsy!

04/23/2010 10:10

I agree girls! Her work is fabulous and elegant. Love her minimal style and looking forward to more from her! I'm glad you're enjoying the interview :)

04/23/2010 10:43

I love Jean's work. Her items in her etsy shop are lovely, she is a talented artist & a wonderful woman. I am on an etsy team with her, she is always willing to help other artists who need advice, she donates to charities and is a great person. People like Jean make the world a better place, beautifying the world with their art, which makes the wearer happy and by being the kind of friend many wish that they had. Cheers to a creative, compassionate individual & her lovely work!

04/23/2010 10:46

This is a great feature, I really enjoy getting to know the artist behind the jewelry! Way to go Jean:)

04/23/2010 12:11

Jean exudes warmth and personality...and all that spills over into her creativity. She takes metal and rivets and her mental recipe soars...right onto your neck! I am the proud owner of one of her pieces and love it. This is an excellent feature!!

04/23/2010 18:40

Wonderful feature! Jean is so talented and it's nice to see where some of her creating takes place.

04/23/2010 20:31

Awesome feature. Jean is an Amazing artist and designer! And just the sweetest person. I can spend hours in her shop drooling over her jewelry.

04/24/2010 07:01

What a great article!! Jean is such a down-to-earth person and an amazingly creative jeweler. Her work is so unique and beautifully made, too. She is an inspiration to me! Thanks for featuring her, I loved learning more about her.

04/24/2010 08:33

What a wonderful feature! 3squares is certainly a talented designer! Very inspiring indeed!

04/24/2010 10:18

great feature on Jean! and check out that well-organized studio!

04/24/2010 10:59

What a fabulous feature! I'm a huge fan of Jean's work, so reading this interview was an absolute joy!

04/24/2010 15:43

Wooooo-Hoooo!! Excellent feature with an incredible artist!! Not only do I love Jeans jewelry, I Love the whole idea behind the name of her Shop, her designs and her Love of cookbooks (I share that love wholeheartedly!!). Awesome Blog, Eye Candies!!

04/24/2010 21:35

Great feature! I enjoy reading this interview and get to know more about Jean :)

04/24/2010 22:32

I love Jean and her beautiful jewelry. Wonderful interview, congrats!

04/25/2010 07:20

What a lovely interview with one of my favorite artists!! Jean, your jewelry is so elegant--I love the architecture of your pieces and love learning a little more about you!!! xoxo

04/25/2010 15:46

I have been in love with Jean's work forever- this was a great interview!


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