I adore Ashley Gand’s artwork! Simple lines, child-like designs, extremely emotive characters that have a personality of their own. I was instantly driven to visually explore their moods and feelings and discover a new small dream universe.

As the artist notes: I strongly believe in what you're happiest doing at five is what you will be happiest doing your entire life. Growing up, I endlessly drew and embroidered onto washcloths that my grandma gave me little creatures and animals that I desperately wanted to live in the woods of my backyard. In my mind these creatures had tiny, magnificent, ornate lairs in the trunks of old trees (which I also drew, along with maps of how to get there). And although these creatures were elusive and shy, they always decided to befriend me. Over the years, my creatures have become decidedly more design-driven, put a part of me is still just drawing little friends to have”.

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