The “Olivetree” is one of my favs from the landscape paintings Gogo Korogiannou creates. Crisp beautiful colors, amazing depiction of light and shade, rich textures and last but not least, an artwork inspired by a symbol of peace and wisdom.

The artist lives and creates in Greece, “inspired by scenes my eyes or my soul can see, like nature, everyday life, my dreams, people, music, favorite movies” as she mentions.

1/12/2010 04:46:12 am

Gogo's work is amazing! She has an eye for detail and color! I love her work!! Hope to see a lot more and own a huge painting of hers one day :)

1/12/2010 09:43:56 am

This Olive Tree is one of my favorite compositions of hers. Indeed she is very talented, her use of color and the composition are superb!


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