Jordo and Marcos are the 2 talented toy designers behind Space Boy Robot! Unique, handmade and most importantly, filled with inspiring imagination and creativity, these robot characters should really be considered art objects!

As the designers note: “Each robot contains a secret compartment that is usually unnoticed by most folks. The robot can be used to store: money, engagement rings, tiny pictures, wishes, paper clips, keys, Xanax, rocks, matches, glitter, beads, teeth, lint, bolts and screws, girls’ phone numbers, various shiny objects, newspaper clippings, a locket of hair from that girl you’ve been secretly stalking, a lucky 4 leaf clover, a shower cap from a posh hotel and much much more!”

Rush to their shop to get your own space boy robot or go for their flickr album and be amazed by even more creations!
2/16/2010 10:38:45 am

I have 2 robots from Spaceboy and they are awesome--buy robots from him!! What are you waiting for? Go, go now.


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