I think it’s time to offer an artwork of mine for my blog’s friends, so for this week’s EyeCandy Giveaway, I am presenting you a limited edition print of “Arrogance”, a digital illustration I designed for my “Urban Pop Visions” collection. The piece is printed on high quality photo paper and measures 8.3 x 11.7 inches (standard A4 size). It will be mailed in a clear plastic sleeve in a hard backed envelope, along with an extra surprise!

Feel free to visit my site in order to view my full digital art collection.

In order to enter the contest for the “Arrogance” print, you just have to:

1) Be a follower of the EyeCandies Blog (via Google Friend Connect) or Facebook Group, and
2) Share your views and comments concerning my digital artworks

Here is a selection of 4 of my digital creations. First two depicting visuals from my personal collection and last two presenting examples of Commissioned Digital Portraits I undertake using my clients' favorite photographs.

The winner will be randomly selected via www.random.org on next Sunday (23/05) and will be notified via e-mail! Best of luck to everybody!

05/17/2010 01:05

They are amazing!!!I love the first one, the colours you used and the half face...

Thanks for the chance!
cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

05/17/2010 01:37

amazing in deed...really like the one with the lady with the camera :)

05/17/2010 03:01

I am a follower
Your work as a living cartoon!

05/17/2010 04:27

i would like to enter the contest for the “Arrogance” print, god...its gorgeous !! really nice work.. :)

Amber G
05/17/2010 06:29

I follow the Eye Candies blog and I even subscribe by email!

Amber G
05/17/2010 06:30

I really like your Custom Solo Portraits, especially with the intricate backgrounds!

05/17/2010 06:57

blog follower via gfc

05/17/2010 06:59

i like the one with the lady with the camera, it's so awesome

05/17/2010 07:12

Hi, I'm already a follower on Facebook. Your work reminds me so much of Patrick Nagel's work for Playboy. The same white face and flat colors. Love it!

05/17/2010 11:42

nice work and so glad that athens has so great talents!

05/17/2010 20:46

I am a blog follower!

I love the uniqueness and funky style. :)

samyrocks92 at msn dot com

05/18/2010 15:12

I LOVE your work! The colors and images are just so vibrant and lively! LOVE IT!

Donna Warrington
05/19/2010 11:59

I follow through facebook

Donna Hufman Warrington

05/20/2010 02:12

I am a blog follower

05/20/2010 02:17

I love abstract art so I like your Urban Pop visions series. City print is very interesting!!!

05/20/2010 05:29

I think the 'War' and 'Arrogance' prints are my favourite, I've never seen work quite like your's, well done. :) I love it, it's like pop art meets the digital age, or at least that's my opinion, even if I know nothing about art!

05/20/2010 07:39

Love it! please enter me :)

I like the contrast between the real/natural looking background in Arrogance and the very digital figure!! amazing :)

05/20/2010 09:08

Very nice work! My favorite is Arrogance. Love the vibrant colors :-)

05/20/2010 12:56

I follow the blog (email subscriber). I enjoy the use of colour in the first one, with the contrast of the sweater with the background.

05/20/2010 20:39

GFC follower 8) my views on this art (which i love) - i really enjoy the hyperreal depiction of everyday things. there's a lot to be found in simplicity if one takes the time to look. i really love the use of solid color and minimal detail, it adds to the surreal nature of each piece. i would really love to win a print, omg!

05/21/2010 01:38

Love your work! Your digital portraits are such an original idea! Enter me please, id love 2 win a print :D

05/22/2010 02:09

I am already a follower of your blog :)
Now about your digital artworks. To be honest, I DON'T like them! Gawd, I LOOOVE them!!! You now, I am actually a frustrated digital artist myself and so I do know that making those are very hard and requires a lot of effort! But as you might know already by now, you're definitely talented! I can say that this is your path to take. Pursue it coz you'll definitely succeed! Take advantage of the skills! :)


05/22/2010 15:36

New follower, just discovered you. I love the bit of Nagel flavor, dash of retro, nature and color!

05/23/2010 16:06

I follow via GFC AND Facebook!
h4schaffer at gmail dot com

05/23/2010 16:13

Darn, I see that I'm too late for this one, but just wanted to tell you how amazing I think these are! What a fabulous idea, and a great way to make otherwise possibly boring snapshots really come to life!

This ain't yer granny's photo album. :D Love them!


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