Aaron Kraten is undoubtedly in the top list of my favorite young and upcoming artists! This is why I am absolutely thrilled that he accepted to do an interview for EyeCandies. 

Born in 1974 in San Francisco he has been interested in street art and skateboarding from an early age. His artwork gained him a ticket towards recognition during the 00’s and he has been evolving his art ever since. Kraten experiments with various mediums and it’s known that he never uses brushes. Working with his hands gives a uniquely rich and textured quality to his work. The artist now lives and creates in a factory-like studio he set up in Costa Mesa. Here is what he shared with me:

Hello Aaron! Can you tell us a few words about your early artwork and introduction to the art scene?

Yah sure! I have been drawing in sketchbooks since the early 90's and in 1998 I started painting on discarded objects , old doors , wood panel etc. These pieces were experimenting with art on a larger scale. When I was working in a vintage clothing store I would paint there on my down time. The owner of the store took notice and asked that I hang the work up in the store. The public started to take notice and buy the work. This was my push into the art community.

What is your opinion/thoughts on street/urban art and how do you think it has evolved during the last years?

I grew up skateboarding and looking at graffiti, stickers, stencils. I have always appreciated urban art and feel it has a important role in the art world. There are a lot of great graffiti artists out there and since there are so many great artists out there it seems the graffiti scene is ever changing.
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Which piece of yours is your absolute favorite and you would never even think of selling?

That’s a great question, there are a few that i am really attached to, one that comes to mind is the “Aeroplane”. I painted this piece when I was traveling a lot in my 20's, sitting in airports and looking at airplanes.

You have participated in numerous exhibitions. Which remains more memorable and why?

I did a show at the M.O.C.A. in Los Angeles last year with many artists that I love. Seeing so many works that I admire as well as showing in a space that I have visited since I was a young boy meant a lot to me.
What drives you right to your studio with an unbeatable urge to create? Please share some of your inspirations.

I will wake up early and start working on a piece or pieces. I love to paint, most of the time that is all I want to do. The inspiration comes from my environment and pop culture, skateboarding, music, fashion. My wife is really creative as well and she is a great inspiration.
Are you working on an unfinished piece right now? Would u provide a sneak-peak?

I have a few pieces that I am working on at the moment. Experimenting with colors and various translations of some of my illustrations.
What are your hobbies, beyond painting?

I skateboard frequently and I am really interested in japanese arcade games. I have a small arcade in my space of japanese arcade games. Fun stuff!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Painting and creating great new works. Larger pieces are my goal for the future.
Would you give us a sneak peak of your future plans?

I have been drawing alot lately solidifying some new idea's.
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