Alexandros Cokkas
is a very creative and active person with an inspiring taste in both design and music. He shares his passions with EyeCandies and I’m sure you’ll love his cutting edge and fresh visuals.

Welcome to EyeCandies! What drives your passion for design?

Life and everything around me drives my passion for design, even if that is a simple thing or a single little fragile detail. In general, life as a theme, either within the text of socialization or breathing and nature is that makes me be so passionate. Either way, life has so many themes that it’s difficult not to be able to "play" and exploit them.
What inspires you?

Life is also the main issue that inspires me. Whenever i run out of new ideas i prefer to go for a long walk to the super market, watch how people move and react within a certain area, their looks when they meet each other and the change of their attitude when they leave the place. Furthermore, there are times that when I am really mentally tired, I tend to take a walk to the shore, listen to the sounds that sea creates, the voices of the sea-eagles and the children's rhythm when they are playing. That long walk helps me clear my thoughts and be able to proceed my work.

What elements should a striking visual include? What is important in good design in general?

In my opinion, for a pattern to be proper it must include the 3 basic shapes (circle, rectangle and triangle) even in a more abstract way. Nevertheless, the absence of any of these 3 does not necessarily mean that the figure cannot be good and here comes the role of color which I believe can eventually cover up this missing part. I do admire the way someone can create an image (an illustration or even a photograph) where, knowing the previous, he can achieve breaking the consuetudes laws.

What was the most fascinating project of yours during the last years and why?

Ηousehold photography is my favorite project because there is a fascination when you capture your friends in simple and spontaneous frames, when they are not even aware that they are being photographed. The reason the public appreciated this album what that anybody can have this kind of pictures in their private photo collection. Simple photos, some off focused and maybe with their theme off frame but still they flood our souls with emotions and leave people wonder about what might have happened before and after a single frame.

Furthermore, the design of a t-shirt for the Amnesty International where after competition two designs were picked from the students of Middlesex University of London (AKTO) in Greece. That was a really interesting project that made me much more experienced and aware of people who are active in this field.
You’re also into music production. Do share!

I love music as it is a huge inspiration and makes me feel various and so strong emotions that cannot be exactly explained in words. This is the reason that made me start composing music as I wanted to give voice to these emotions that blossom in my soul. I try not to bring boundaries in my style of composition as i can create music in various music themes such us dub, reggae, trip hop, hip hop or even progressive and drum n' bass. Each one of my music compositions is unique and broadcasts the psychological condition I was at that time and that is why all of my compositions are free for downloading.

What was the last concert you attended?

Unfortunately I have not attended many concerts the recent years. The fact that people pay about 25-30 euros for an artist but cannot actually listen to him because of drug abuse and alcohol is the reason I do not longer attend concerts. Whenever I attend one, I try to observe the artist, listen deep to his configuration, otherwise I feel like going to a painting exhibition having my eyes folded.
How is your average day and what are you hobbies (other than design & music)?

My average days are no different from other designers days. I wake up, turn on my computer, get some music playing and start working. What is good about freelance is that I have the ability to work any time of the day but unfortunately that is a restriction concerning my spear time and having other hobbies as well. The good thing is that I have achieved to transform my hobbies into work and so, I am generally satisfied with this.

Can you give us a sneak peak of your future plans?

t this time, a new Typeface is under construction called "hexafont" but ... Army is calling...! Ι think I’ll go and get done with it. After army I am thinking about getting my university degree in Building Renovation and Rehabilitation and afterwards keep up with motion graphics. Moreover I am thinking of moving in Athens for about five years at least and then move back to periphery and built my own personal studio. I am also thinking about leaving big cities, the noise and all that irritating stuff ... In between, I am planning to get married and have three children ha-ha

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