Anke Schuhardt, the cool “press fairy” of Herznote Publishing talks to us about fashion, social media and of course the team’s latest inspiring project entitled “CIRCUS” that focuses in the fashion industry and is implemented with the contribution of bloggers from around the world. Creativity and challenges are Anke’s forte – so let’s hear her out:

Hello Anke and welcome to EyeCandies! Give us a brief description of your background and your interests.

Hello Aphrodite! Well, I’m from Darmstadt, a city close to Frankfurt in Germany. It’s my hometown and I will finish studying Online Journalism this summer. We founded Herznote Publishing a year ago. However, we had other journalistic projects before, so we already had lots of experience. When I’m not working I like to do pretty normal stuff: reading books and magazines, listening to music, going to concerts, watching series and meeting friends. However, I also like stuff that is not that normal – I love piercings and tattoos, corsets and everything that's red and pink – like my hair.

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