Young, beautiful and multitalented, Christina Bratuska has a passion for both photography and music. Today she shares her views on EyeCandies!

Christina nice to have you here. Please tell us what intrigued your passion for photography and how did it all start?

I'm very happy for your invitation. Your site is very beautiful. I was never passionate about photography. Five years ago, I decided that, after finishing my theater studies, I should study something that I "disliked". At the time, I had no idea how wonderful the world of photography was. My only relationship with it, was when I was on holidays and people were chasing after me, in order to take my picture! In 2006, I enrolled with Leica Academy.

How did you come up with “Seventh Swan” and what does it mean?
That's a really good question! Unfortunately, it's a question I cannot give an answer to. I can only say that "Seventh Swan" means a lot to me.

When it comes to portraits, how do you approach your subjects and what do you aim to reveal through your photos?

That's a difficult question. The approach is radically different for each person that is photographed, and so is the way that I work. I somehow, become the "mirror" of the person being photographed, giving them whatever they want. Through this very exhausting and magical procedure, I capture the moment that I want.

You also have a lovely voice and have been actively involved in singing and music in general. Give us an overview. Does your singing somehow combine or interact with your photographic pursuits and how?

I would say that there's no interaction between music and photography. For me, the worlds of music and photography, are two completely different and unrelated worlds. The world of music is in front of the lens, while the world of photography is behind the lens. I love music as much as I love photography, although in a somewhat different way. Both my parents, are classical musicians. I was grown up in music. Later on, music grew in me. I started choosing what I wanted to listen. I went through a lot of stages and different genres of music, from classical music to rock, metal, gothic, funk, jazz, blues, etc. Yet still, music grows in me. The last five years, I collaborate on a permanent basis with a group named "Carpe Diem". For those interested in my musical activities, I have created a MySpace page.

What part of Athens inspires you the most and what are your views on street photography?

The city of Athens has a lot of energy, and a warmth unlike any other place. One thing that I particularly like, is the city's narrow back streets. For example, in the neighborhood of Plaka, one can discover a lot of interesting things...

Which photographer would you choose to capture your portrait and why?

Nikos Vasilakis, with whom I've done some shootings. I consider him as one of the best Greek photographers at the moment, and I think that he still has a lot to give!

Who are your top 5 favorite greek artists?

I'm sorry, but I will disappoint you. One thing is for sure, I cannot even name five of them. I really appreciate Dionysis Kotsakis. I've witnessed his everyday struggle, and closely followed the progress of his work. On the other hand, had you asked me about foreign artists, I would surely be able to name a lot more of them, And this is something that's obviously connected to my personal music preferences.
How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? What are your long-term goals concerning your photography?

I cannot see myself tomorrow, let alone in ten years! But since you asked, in ten years I'd like to be able to travel a lot, discovering and taking pictures of new places and people. I cannot commit to long-term objectives, because of the fact that there are a lot of factors influencing our lives, which are not completely dependent on us.

Is there anything you would like to add and share with us?

Yes! I'm really flattered and moved by the fact that you liked my work and gave me the opportunity to talk about it! I have uploaded samples of my work in my personal website. Thank you very much.