I only recently discovered Constantinos Chaidalis and I was stunned from his work right from the first moment. A graphic and motion designer with a fresh and inspiring approach to design and a refreshing portfolio. I suggest you take a look at his 2010 motion reel which is a montage of his most recent and favorite projects.

Hey Costa and welcome to EyeCandies! Can you remember when did you first start realizing that design was what you wanted to do?

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I guess I was always one of those creative kids back at school…you should have seen my desk and notebooks…all drawn up and messed up with sketches!

I guess in the beginning I started drawing and think of myself as a painter. Then I started experimenting with software and materials and discovered the world of design… I really am quite messed up when it comes to telling someone what I do though… still questioning everything!

Most of your illustration work has a distinctive surreal touch that makes your work even more appealing. Can you describe your style, the visual communication techniques you use?

I guess my style is just changing all the time. I find myself liking different stuff from time to time. but as long as I am in an experimental mood things keep changing and evolving. Illustrating is a very personal process for me, I tend to treat subjects as problems that need solving, stories that need to be told in a new language. As a communication method I think I just personally express on any given subject.

I always try to put myself in the position of someone that will see the final product and make things “legible” by everyone. Then I try playing around with it, twisting stuff.

Where do you seek for inspiration?

I am very obsessed with some things. I get easily obsessed. When I can, I just use those things as inspiration. I sometimes also find ideas in music. I try to give a look to fit the song. Fortunately I usually got many backburners so I know where to start from ..

Graphic Design and Motion Design. What are the differences and the basic elements of these 2 different fields?

Hmmm Graphic design is creating one frame, a monument. An object that can communicate a certain piece of information. Motion design is 25 frames per second that make a moving image. They are really different mediums and completely identical at the same time. You just need to twist your head a little bit more in motion design, just to get things to pop out the way you want. The part I really like in any form of design is art direction. I think all other aspects of design become technicalities when you got solid art direction and concept.
What was your latest most exciting project and why?

I think it must have been designing an interactive video for a children’s theatrical play directed by Xenia Kalogeropoulou. Really hard work for a long time. Nice people, and on top working on something that I had never worked before!

Who could ask for more?

What would you advice a young designer who is now making his/her first steps in the design scene?

Paper, pen, scissors, rock!

How do you see art and design evolving in Greece?

I really think that design in Greece is on it’s first steps. Surely evolving…but slowly.

Every step, first step they say…

Share your top 5 favorite artists/designers

Frida Kahlo, Mathew Barney, Jake and Dinos Chapman,Stefan Zagmeister and hort..

What can we find you doing when you’re not creating/working?

I am really into photography, and videogames lately!

I also like traditional bookbinding and listening to music.

And last but not least, is there anything we should look forward to? Any future plans you’d like to share?

I have some ideas for a short film I wrote during this summer. But it is quite early to reveal anything.

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