One can tell that Di Depux is a genuine pop lover just by taking a look at her creations.

Whether it is graphic design or accessories, she has a unique, colorful and joyful style of her own. Here is what she told me:

Hey Despina and welcome to EyeCandies! Can you tell us what inspired Di Depux as your Graphic Design Studio brandname?

Hello Afroditi, I love this project you are up to now!! And the name? Eye Candies!!!! Sweet!

Some of you know I am half Greek half Italian… The “depux” part comes from my beloved cousin Giulia Valenti. My family there call me Depi (cause Despina is not so easy and common). So one day she spontaneously called me “Depux”, making fun out of my name cause Greeks have “ξ” / “x”- in a lot of words… I loved it and 5 years later there it was! I used DI from DIsegno which in italian means Design. “Di” also means “from”. So all together “di depux” in my mind means Despina’s Designs!
How did you start with jewelry design and what are your main inspirations when it comes to accessories?

When I was a little girl, I loved jewelry-and was making jewelry, simple ones with beads only. Then after 2 years from the opening of my design studio, I thought “lets make some jewelry that suits me, my design way, and style...” I had a client (for who I designed her corporate identity) –Erato- that was jewelry designer, and I thought “lets make some, show them to her and see what she thinks about them.” She liked them and told me about an exhibition that would take place and was seeking for creative people. From that point and on I kept designing accessories … Everyone seem to like them, and I just keep on making more…

My inspiration is fashion, films, games, characters, things I like, symbols, graphic design in general, in a sense that my jewelry are colorful-happy-and with a sense of humor sometimes…
Give us a brief description of your creative procedure when assembling a piece. What is important? Favorite materials / techniques?

When I have an idea, I try to perform it in the best way I can. I work with 2-3 techniques, but I always try to search for more… I mostly work with acrylic (plexiglass), which allows me to reproduce a custom made piece.

Firstly, I imagine the shape, make some sketches, try to simplify it. I think about the colors and the final materials. Sometimes, I just see it in my dreams…it pops up!

Graphic Design is another creative field that you are interested in. Tell us about your experience in this area. What is the most fascinating project you have undertaken and why?

Graphic design is my main occupation. I consider myself as a designer in general, but whatever I create (corporate identity or jewelry) I think that the base is graphic design…I’ve been working as a graphic designer for about 9-10 years…but I launched my studio in 2005. I wanted to have the freedom and the space to do a variety of things.

Since then I met a lot of different people and worked with amazing small or bigger projects… Sorry I can’t choose something in particular. You can’t choose between your children, which one you like more….can you??
When not creating and designing, what else fills your time. Any hobbies?

I consider my work as a hobby!!! hahaha…except that, I like to travel. I go to at least 3 trips abroad per year . It is very important for me to see new things, and places. I love watching movies and eating in nice restaurants. I also like cooking and redecorating my home, or office. Nothing wild in particular …
How do you see the creative scene evolving in Athens and what would you advise new upcoming designers?

I think that there are a lot of talented people in Athens, many great things happen every day…I advise them to work-work-work…..

Use 10 tags to describe yourself

Positive, creative, spontaneous, serious, communicative, generous, pink & sweet…need more??

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Whatever you are doing people, try to do it the best way you can and always try to enjoy every moment