Dora Haralambaki
is the co-owner of Craftit, an arts and crafts workshop community focusing in creative interaction! She is also a jewelry designer and today she shares her views with the EyeCandies Blog!

Here's what she told me:

Dora how did you start with jewelry design?

I adore to wear jewels and i couldn’t stop my creativity....

What are your favorite materials and techniques?

I like alternative materials very much, such as paper, fabric, clay and it interests me to mix them all! 
Talk to us about the Craftit community! How did it all begin and what are your future plans?

First of all Craftit is a place to exchange ideas. At craftit all seminars regardless of direction and material, aim to target the autonomy of personal artistic expression.

It all began by OUR need (Hara Karamichali is my partner) for a new, modern, alternative space for meeting and expression.
Through Craftit you get in touch with people seeking to express their creativity. How important do you think this is and in what way does Craftit interact with its members?

Expression is our aim.
Craftit is a place which allows all age groups to intermix and create. To be able to present their crafts and exchange opinions with group members in order to progress through the path of art culture.

Imagination and creativity bringing to effect inspiration and action. Using our hands through art and technical skills creating color and desing.

Our contemporary Art style encourages the exchange of ideas through constant updates. The exhibition presentation, suggestions from artist’s work and discovering historic techniques, which will lead to inspirational discussions.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers and why? Can you share your top 3?

Nora Fok, Yoko Izawa, Tanvi Kant.

All 3 are women artists with very sensitive and alternative works.

Forms, colors and concept are matching to a special effect!

What about your favorite crafty blogs? Give us a sneak peak of your blogroll!

A few pretty things

What was the last art / craft exhibition you visited? Tell us your impressions.

The last presentation in Whitebox was vivid and interesting!

Any future plans you’d like to share with us?

From Monday the 8th of February and for 10 days Craftit will exhibit works in Harma Gallery (Plaka, Athens): trash art jewels! We are waiting for you ...