I discovered the work of Grigoris Papagrigoriou through Flickr and I was instantly captured by his amazing visuals, inspired from his passion for typography and graphic design. So get ready for some sharp letterings and super fresh designs. Enjoy!

Hello Grigori, welcome to EyeCandies. What urged you towards graphic design and when did you start creating?

Hello EyeCandies! I got interested in graffiti in a younger age but I barely experimented. A few years ago I went a trip to Berlin. I was amazed by the amount of graphic design around me, in all of its aspects: in the streets, on the walls, in posters from events and in museums. After that trip I had decided I wanted to get involved so I enrolled in AKTO’s graphics department, where I still study until today.

Calligraphy and typography in general play a vital role in your creations. Tell us a few words. What makes a lettering stunning and what creative procedure do you follow?

I’ve been hooked on typography since the first year in art school. Last year, a seminar conducted by the Greek Graphic Designers Association hosting professor Vladimir Radibratovic introduced me to a new technique: calligraphy, which I’m attempting to fuse in the general field of graphic design. This is not always easy so for the time being, I prefer to work on each field separately.

A lettering, depending on the purpose you design it, can be amazing for either its simplicity and clarity and on other occasions for its decorative – maximalistic elements. The creative procedure I follow consists of: thought, coffee, music and definitely a lot of drafts.

You have designed some great graffiti. What are your views on urban art in general?

I by no means consider myself a graffiti artist since I’ve barely experimented with this field. I believe that ‘urban art’ is a broad definition. What I enjoy is the directness of expression and communication with the public. In this context, there are already plenty of interesting events going on and granted the mutual influence between either greek artists or artists from around the world, we can expect even more in the future.
What are, in your opinion, the most important elements of quality design? What are the ‘tricks’ that can ensure a good level of visual communication?

Clarity, studied use of typography depending on the topic and of course the balanced blending with the image. The idea and the right handling of what I mentioned can ensure a good level of visual communication.

What are the sources of your inspiration?

Internet, books, magazines, music, movies and my daily life.


Desribe your last project in a few words

I recently designed a poster for a wine presentation. When I started I had on mind to create something simple, clean and functional at the same time. So I designed two simple forms that relate to the wine (bottle – glass) and chose a simple typography set which I think fulfilled its purpose: communication.

What are your hobbies, how do you spend your day when not designing?

I listen to a lot of music, watch movies and I enjoy going out with friends. I also make sure to leave Athens-jungle at the first given opportunity!


Your top five favorite artists?

Herb Lubalin

Marian Bantjes
Luca barcellona
Sebastian Lester
Herbert Bayer

Your top five favorite sites?


thank you for participating. Would you like to share anything else?

I would like to thank you for hosting me, I wish you the best!

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EMAIL: Greg_pap86@hotmail.com