I’ve had the privilege of knowing Maria Delakou aka Maradinn for a couple of years now and I must admit that she’s one of my favorite young greek photographers. Genuine, sweet and multitalented, Maria has an amazing talent in capturing fresh visuals that take your breath away. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her interview!

Hello Maria, I’m so happy to have you in EyeCandies. Can you remember the first time you realized your fascination with photography?

First time? YES and no. Because it cannot be compared with the second one!

So the first time I got excited with photography was at the age of 14-15 through an assignment I had to complete for my photography class in High School. I shot on b&w film with my dad's old Zenit camera and it was so aaawesome! I still have this camera & the prints that gave me the rare grade of 19 for my class !

But then I wanted to be a painter cause I always loved to paint since I can remember and after that I wanted to study Fashion Design and I did, for 1 year. But I was too lazy to sow, so I gave it up and after that I studied Graphic Design for 1 more year, which I really loved too and fortunately got my diploma on it. So as you can see, I forgot about it for some years.

The time that it really hit me was 3 years ago when I discovered amazing photography through internet ! So much talent out there! I was bloooown away !!!!

Decided that this is what I want to do ! So I raised money, bought my first dslr camera [which I still shoot with lol]. I taught myself how and here I am!

Photography is pure magic, u know ! I get so amazed by the fact that every time I shoot someone I’m taking a part of them , a part that they only gave to me at that particular moment when I clicked and baaaaam! A moment in eternity captured !  Really cool, right ? :D

You experiment with self portraits. What are you trying to express this way?

Absolutely nothing! Some of them of-course may express others, but for now the reason I shoot self portraits is not because I want to express something through them.

I shoot self portraits every time I want to try something new: a light setup , a new camera setup, a weird face expression or makeup or a new way to edit a photo and at the time I may have no one to work with me. So I use “me”!

If you see me in person though you will understand that it is not really me the person you see in my self-shots but the one that lives inside my lens.
Fashion, glamour, beauty, are some of the fields you’re interested in. What are the basic rules for a successful photo shooting session?

I would say basic rule is have no rules - and the right thing to do is to do everything wrong!

Rules cannot exist when we re talking about creativity and a successful photo shooting is all about that!

If you were to have your photo portrait taken, which photographer would you choose and why?

When I read this question I started typing the reason I could never choose just one cause I’m obsessed with so many amazing photographers and a story about how I would gather them all 2gether for a photo orgy! But finally I would say it is Annie Leibovitz and the reason is because that’s the name I caught in the bowl.

Yes I seriously wrote the names on little papers and drew one.
Inspiration. What triggers your creative mood?

My depression.

Inspiration comes from people around me, nature, colors, fashion, music, memories, love, hate, tv, a freakin fly that bugs me while I’m enjoying the sun may inspire me for a photoshoot! Everything!

But what triggers me to get back in action, are the times that I want to jump back up from the well! And those are the days that I get reeally really creative!

If Fashion and Glamour were 2 people. How would you describe them?

Glamour would be a beauty pageant girl & Fashion would be a crazy ass bitch!


What was your last most exciting project? Give us some info

I had 2 exciting projects lately.

First one, was a test-shoot I did with one of the best models I’ve shot so far, the sweet Anastasia. We were just the 2 of us ,la la, we shot outdoors which is a thing I love to do and since I finished my studio I don’t as often as I would want to, and the outcome pleased me 100% maybe more!

Second one was with my beautiful friend Penelope and the amazing clothes of a new very talented designer and friend Evelina Litina. I couldn't ask for more that day: 5 crazy girls in the studio “working” 2gether! It was perfect! I had an amazing model, great clothes, awesome makeup, crazy hair, it was the very first time I had a complete photoshoot instead of trying to do everything on my own. Thank God for my talented friends!
Use a link to describe your current mood


I know, I know I must be 12 again !

What can we find you doing when not photographing? Your hobbies?

When I m not working my hobby is photography! Photography when I m doing it as a job is a completely different thing for me, so I still count it as one of my hobbies.

Another thing is singing and lately I like to make stuff for the decoration of my studio and clothes out of weird materials to dress my models.
And last but not least, can you give us a sneak peak of your future plans?

Hmmm future plans are not much.

But if these count for plans, first thing is I want to become the best photographer I can be & finally stop dreaming about my dreams and start chasing them to make them come true!

Thank you Maria for your participation!

I thank you Aphro! <3
Cheers to all the readers and the best of success to EYECANDIES!

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