I discovered the work of Markos Andriotis through facebook and I must admit it was “love at first sight”. I immediately proposed to do an interview so here we are! A fresh look on art by a young creative who has surely much more to show.

Hello Marko and welcome to EC. Tell us what triggered your passion for creativity in general. When did you actively start creating?

I started when I was still very little. I remember I was interested in making props for my sister's barbies and photograph them in interesting situations. Now I feel very proud of myself for understanding by instinct at the age of 6 the meaning of what a fashion story is.

Can you describe the mood you find yourself in when working on a project?

Dark. I evolve my dark side when I am creating something. When I am really happy I want to take big walks and hang around with my friends, eat good food and travel. I am an experience junkie.
Fashion. What does it mean for you?

Fashion for me is a way to make statement of who you really are or you wanna be, can put you in a role. Fashion for me is related to theater, that's how I use fashion on my every day life. I am always acting different personalities I make up in my mind.

Talk to us about “The Body” Painting Series

Fat cells are one of the biggest inspirations I have. I love the way a body can transform with eating or not eating.

I play this kind of 'odd' game with my body and I keep notes and photographs.

That's what I am working on now.

Your collages are filled with bold energy and many elements that compose a very interesting visual result. What inspires you theme wise and can you give us a brief description of the creative procedure?

I really just follow my instincts, I don't use logic or common sense when I am on a creative procedure.

I really have to push my self to sit down and work! These collages are made 4 years ago. I haven't tried to make new ones. In order to work I have to push myself on the limit. It's very hard for me. Discipline is something I have to work on.
Share your top 10 inspiration links

I am not on the internet all day long and I really don't have sense of technology but this ling is dearly beloved.


Can you give us a sneak peak of your future plans?

No idea.

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-  http://www.markosandriotis.com/