What do you seek to reflect through your photographs?

Well, it's all about that deeper need of self-expression! Photography is my way to bring to light my artistic nature, to come to terms with my urge to be creative and sometimes make an ethical stand. Through my photographic lens I struggle to reveal and capture the truth of my subject at that given moment, according to my angle.

Tell us in a few words the basic rules for a successful photoshoot.

If I am going to refer to 2-3  basic elements for a successful shooting, I would definitely say: Love what you do, be yourself and have luck on your side.
Share a funny / weird situation you found yourself in during a photographic session.

A few years back I was in Bangkok for a fashion photo shoot. During the shooting I found myself near the pool and accidently fell into the water! MTV television was also there to take some backstage video, so the next 2 months I was shown in MTV as the funny guy who fell in the pool with his camera.

Sketching and drawing is also a field you are interesting in. What inspires you?

I always liked to draw images from my imagination or based on things that I've read or issues that concern me from time to time. I mainly use pencil or coal. Up to now, I have worked on an idea that refers to an imaginary future period, when human kind has survived from Word War IV and begins to enterprise voyages into deep space with extravagant spaceships made by garbage! I have made sketches of spaceships, in a comic kind style. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the outcome and the intricate technical details but hey, they sure can’t fly!
Who are your top 5 fav photographers?

Anders Petersen, Richard Kern, Terry Richardson, Misha Gordin, Erwin Olaf

Any new feature projects we should look forward to?

After my recent successful cooperation through WhiteBox, with Ms Thomais Straycat, a young upcoming fashion designer, I am thinking of launching a new initiative and work more systematically with young talented designers, in order to promote their work in the fashion industry.

I’m also going to collaboratively organize and participate in an exhibition including photography, mixed media and digital art which is going to be hosted by WhiteBox,

At the same time, I’m working on my personal project/portfolio/gallery and the completion of an idea/concept for a future personal photo exhibition. So let's keep in touch!
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