Dimitris Kanellopoulos aka b-positive is another designer I’ve met online via VCDC a few years ago. Active and passionate with graphic design, he has won various design awards for his inspiring work and he is currently the President of the Greek Graphic Designers Association Board. He talks to us about his projects and shares his views and advice on the field of visual communication. Let’s hear him out!

Welcome to EyeCandies Dimitri! You’re dealing with design in various aspects, but how did you start and what were your first creative outlets?

I started back in 2001 when I worked in a photographic studio (eyephobia adv.) for six months. Ι had just returned from my military service. Then I did my BA at Kent Institute of Art and Design and in 2003 I got my first job at “Ideografiki SA” as a junior designer.

You launched a very original project entitled “10 Capture the Moment” through which you urged creatives to submit a self portrait photo that documents the moment at 10:10, 10/10/2010. How did it go? Talk to us about it!

Well I think it went great considering Ι decided to do this on the 8th of October. 111 people took part at the end, which was a nice surprise for me as most of the people who got involved in this where mostly informed via Facebook and twitter. Thank God I have some god friends that promoted the project, and turned this to an event. So far, more that 2500 people have visited the project, which is online and it had some mentions at the local media as well.

For me this was truly thrilling, it was really nice to gather all the images and the info, from people coming from all over the world, and I think the final outcome was really satisfying. Νext year will be better (11.11.11 at 11:11) and I think that we will take it to another level.

I really like the Character Series you have designed – especially the ones depicting political figures and various characters. The fact that multiple characters are designed by using the same template is very challenging and inspiring! Can you describe your creative procedure?

Well, this is really fun to do. The difficult part is to design the first template, the head, the hands, feet and so on. Color, hair, clothes, and some items such as glasses or hats are the things that make a character unique. I started design those 6ix years ago, just for the fun of it. The political figures were designed specially for the 2009 Greek elections.

Your Social Design posters are another project I would like to know more about! From my point of view it is an excellent example of visually communicating a message and an idea.

Well social issues are always on my mind. As a designer I feel that I have a strong weapon, the visual language which most of the time is much more powerful than words. Most of the posters were designed in 20-30 minutes and express some of my feelings and political views. Maybe, that’s why I am not really concerned, if they have any common graphic style or my “own identity”.
Where do you seek for inspiration?

Mostly on blogs, and social art communities such as deviantart and behance. I love my tumblr blog lately, really nice works there. I feel that these communities make you experiment just to make your art go around…

What would you advice a young graphic designer when it comes to logo design?
  • Start by doing some good research, then start design your first ideas on a sketchbook. Keep your drafts clean.
  • Always work in Black and white at the beginning.
  • Do not use any effects or many colors that will make your design busy and shiny.
  • Do not propose more than 3-4 version of the logo.
  • Α logo is more important than any illustration, poster, website you will do for a client. This will stay with the client for some years, maybe forever. Learn about copyright laws and inform your client.
Use an image (yours or other) that reflects your current mood

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If you had to choose 3 creatives to work with on an upcoming project, who would you select and why?

Monologue, for their brilliant animation skills and their kindness.
Τassos Papaioanou, as he is a good friend and one of the top illustrators in Greece.
And Manolis Angelakis one of the best (and coolest) silkscreen printers in Athens.

What was your latest most challenging project?

10.10.10 at 10:10, is easily on top, as it was a collaboration project and I love working and communicating with all the people who contributed to this.

Is there something we should look forward to? Give us a sneak peak of your future plans!

Α series of illustrations I am currently doing for “Popular Mechanics”, a magazine from New York. Some of the illustrations will be also animated for the iPad version of the magazine.

Thank you Dimitri for participating! Is there anything you’d wish to add ? :)

Thanks for this nice opportunity, I really like what you are doing here, and I am glad to see other Greek creative designers to be involved in spreading the word around.
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