Kostas Rossidis I’ve known for a long time now. Haven’t yet met in person but started talking through MySpace and managed to keep in touch since.

I don’t think I’m capable of selecting the right words in order to describe his talent and artwork - not to mention his  witty & cool personality.

His surreal and dark creations manage to draw you in and have a strong visual impact. Every tiny detail is perfectly drawn and it's more than evident that plenty of thought and technique go into his pieces.

I’m very happy and proud to host and present you one of my favorite artists:

Hello Kosta it’s a pleasure to have you in EyeCandies. How did your passion for art begin and what were your first inspirations / motivations?

Hello EyeCandies the pleasure is all mine! My passion for art came in a very small age as I was constantly drawing whenever and wherever I could (or couldn't as my mother was always cleaning up walls and my bedroom door haha). As for my inspirations, they are everywhere: people I love or the things I’m thinking at the time, anything that makes you think or feel something (good or bad) can be an inspiration box ready to be opened.
Your surreal pieces are mind blowing! What do you wish to convey through your art and how would you describe your style in general?

I don't think myself as a kind of artist that constantly wants to convey some ideas through his art. I create paintings that are based on my feelings or thoughts at the time being with no “secret” meanings - most of them are just my way to see things or feelings. If I should describe my style I would say that I'm a macabre - surreal artist cause of my not so “happy” for some people paintings and illustrations.

Your drawing skills are absolutely amazing, can you share some tips / advice on photorealism?

Photorealism for me is something that can be learned and with practice made perfect. My tip is to always look for the details cause that's the thing that makes a painting unique. I use an A4 paper with a rectangular hole in it to focus deeply in some parts of the picture and concentrate on the details. You look weird and funny holding that piece of torn paper in front of you but it works for me.

If you were to choose a favorite artist with whom you would collaborate on a project who would it be and why?

Oh this is a very long catalogue of artists … But I would definitely enjoy to draw with a small child ! Their creations are so unique and pure that can't be reached from an adult-minded artist. Isn't that what art is all about ? To express your feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper or in notes with no restrictions at all? Children do this all the time and I hate when parents try to guide them to do the “correct” drawing, use the “correct” color for the sky or something like that.

How do you see the art scene evolving in Greece? Which in your opinion are the appropriate venues for an artist to promote his work?

I see that many incredible young artists come out every day but living in this country doesn't make it easy for them to follow their dream or promote their work at all … I would suggest they participate in some group art exhibitions, use the internet, and depending on what city they live in, find some bar-cafe-galleries where they can present their personal work.
When you’re not drawing, painting or sketching, what we can find you doing?

There is not something specific I do … I always try to learn about new things, I hang out with my closest friends, watching movies, and try to have fun in every way I can.

Talk to us about your latest project: concept, creative procedure

Unfortunately with my military obligations (which just ended) I didn’t have enough time to work on a project but I had a lot of time to think about new ideas. I want to find 3 more artists of any kind, take a 2m x 4m piece of canvas and do a collaboration with them just for the fun of it and post it in the middle of a city.  Do a small exhibition based on a concept that came to me these days - having to do with surreal styled images taken from the holy bible.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I have absolutely no idea. But I wish I have found a job as a free hand drawing teacher or a TV spot concept writer in an advertisement company.

Use a link (image, video, audio, anything) that mostly describes your mood right now.

I must say this one cause that’s the thing we must all do … evolve !
Is there anything we should look forward to? Also, feel free to add anything you wish.

Well you are going to see much more of me in the future because I can’t even think about stopping to draw. I would like to add only one thing: there can not be an ugly piece of art, only different from our taste and point of view. Thanks a lot for this lovely conversation EyeCandies and Aphrodite I wish you the best and I'm sure you will do the best ! Share the love.

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3/31/2011 05:03:01 am

stunning work!


11/14/2011 04:36:09 pm

hes very good he paint from very small age and indeed he can do it even when he drinks coffee hes smart and he have much imagination.
He can make things that you will look for hours to find 925125 different things inside 1 picture only!

From the book:Art of Failure (i must say i have lost it :( yes.)
PS:and he runs in livingroom with a cape like superman while hes mom and her friends are looking him stunned..

1/24/2012 01:20:42 am

I'm really impress with his work. It's very artistic and i really can see his emotions from his paintings and drawings. He is one talented man! Great job!

7/25/2012 09:14:11 pm

It's awesome! Did you eat some surrealistic pillow before you started to wright those brainfuck pictures?

8/15/2012 05:05:13 pm

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