Levi van Veluw’s original project experiments with various materials and focuses on slight perception shifts that are evoked by transformation. The expressionless face functions as a white canvas on which all change takes place.

The fact that these shots haven’t been digitally manipulated and each image contains a short history of a performance is truly admirable! Human sculpture!

As the artist notes: “The unusual and unimpressive materials, traces of glue and other imperfections that exist in the production of the work are what form the aesthetic value in my image. This revaluation of these normally insignificant elements only occurs because they now exist in a new context that distances them from their original circumstances and associations. During this process I became more and more aware that all objects, materials, events are assigned a commonly held value, but that this valuation could just as easily be different.  It was those elements that nobody had an opinion about that then became most interesting to me. Because they seem to contain little meaning to people, they are malleable and can easily have their perceptions about them altered.”



03/09/2010 01:32

So provocative. A bit unsettling. I suppose its the life vs the decomposition element. Or maybe it's a bit irreverant. Pam Reinhardt


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