There is an entire culture behind Design Toys! I absolutely wish I had a huge collection of these art figures … and I must admit that I really had a fantastic time searching and discovering all those super talented artists and their toy designs!

The Design Toys trend appeared in the 90s and has been active and creative ever since! Collectors all around the world seek little treasures from new and talented artists who have created a cool character and it’s true that in the creative community this certainly adds extra points in your resume!

Designer toys are made from a range of materials, including plastic, vinyl, resin, wood, metal, fabric and it is always amazing to see the different interpretations and approaches of various artists from various fields such as graphic design, illustration, painting, sculpture and more! These creations are mainly produced in limited editions.

Here is a wickedly cool video showing an Art Toy Exhibition in Malaga, Spain!
As soon as toy design was introduced in the modern culture and trends community, even more artists started to show interest in this fresh design outlook. Extremely talented people like Gary Baseman, Kathie Olivas, Michael Lau, FuriFuri and many more, got involved and the outcome is definitely rewarding!

Here goes my top 50 selection. Funny, cute, aggressive, cool, freak, surreal but most of all addictive! Each picture is linked to the respective designer so make sure to explore and discover this magic visual world.
Click on each image and you’ll be directed to the sites of their designers. Be ready to be amazed as tons of visual pleasure is coming your way! I couldn’t find the designer of 3 toys so I linked their images directly to the online shop where I discovered them.
A very successful design toy is Munny, introduced by the American company Kidrobot. As the official product description notes: “A Munny doll is a blank figure the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other pigments. A Munny doll is made out of vinyl and has movable joints. The first Munny doll was white, and has since been available in other colors such as black, pink, blue, and phosphorescent green”.

More and more creative people started sketching their ideas, creating models and producing their own Munny versions. I found a nice video from a young guy filming his first attempt in making his own Munny. Enjoy!

Isn’t the variety of these designs totally inspiring? Here are 2 screenshots from the official Kidrobot’s munnyworld site:
Another fantastic animation video I found by artoyz.
I wish you enjoyed this trip to the design toys world as much as I did!