Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer who I’ve already featured in EyeCandies a while ago. Interested in the psychology of fear, he is challenged to create visuals that trigger one’s unconscious. As he notes in his official site: “We are born with certain inherent and instinctual fears, such as fear of the dark, fear of lurking danger, and the fear of being eaten. As we grow older, these fears lose their intensity, and are slowly shuffled away into our Unconscious. Horror, as an art form, draws its strength from the Unconscious.”

The results are breathtaking and what is more amazing is the creativity that goes into each one of his photographic shots! This is why I was amazed when I received a mail from the artist, introducing me to his newest project: The Robot! Check out a step by step description of the project by Joshua Hoffine and make sure to visit his site and blog for a full overview of his work:

The Making of ROBOT by Joshua Hoffine

This is my new photograph called ROBOT. This time the theme is addiction and dependence, especially as it pertains to technology.

The work of  Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg is a Brooklyn based artist, programmer, designer, educator, and bicyclist. Apart from being very well known for selling all of his possessions online, he is also respected for his numerous laser cutting works of art.

Mandiberg combines the technology of laser cutting with old books that used to be a significant point of reference for us. This specific section of work is about the promise and the failed promise of technology, and its potential to connect people or not connect people.
The dictionary with laser cuttings of words currently being created by technology

There is always something intriguing about large type made out of some other material other than ink or pixels. The same intangible symbols that are the foundations for communicating the written language all of a sudden become something that you can touch, move, decorate and even destroy. Here are 10 examples of interesting processes that result in beautiful typographic sculptures.

Love her or hate her, you’ll never forget her, cause Madonna is an image maker, a trendsetter, a pop symbol, a universally top selling artist and so much more! Having the ability to transform and reinvent her image, Ms. Ciccone has become the inspiration of artists from all over the world.

Here is a selection of 42 Madonna portraits I discovered in the web. Each image is accordingly linked to its source. Enjoy!