Dear EyeCandy lovers, I hope you have left some room for dessert as this collection of mouth watering photographs is certain to increase your appetite! As a renowned sweet tooth (hence the blog name) I must admit that searching and discovering these visual candies was highly pleasurable!

Sinful chocolate, rich cream, soft & sugary dessert textures artfully laid out on decorated table settings are captured by highly talented photographers that are specialized in food photography and styling, aiming to taunt our palate.

5/17/2011 03:31:42 pm

I really enjoyed the photos. They are not just plain photos. I can feel the story behind those photos, the emotions eventhough it is just "food." Technically, it is beautiful. Everything is beautiful beyond description.

george may
8/28/2011 02:24:36 pm

you smelll. :)

bob the builder
8/28/2011 02:25:44 pm

you smell, your photo are shit, go die in a hole, much love bob

Jasmine Castro
5/11/2012 05:43:05 am



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