One can tell that Di Depux is a genuine pop lover just by taking a look at her creations.

Whether it is graphic design or accessories, she has a unique, colorful and joyful style of her own. Here is what she told me:

Hey Despina and welcome to EyeCandies! Can you tell us what inspired Di Depux as your Graphic Design Studio brandname?

Hello Afroditi, I love this project you are up to now!! And the name? Eye Candies!!!! Sweet!

Some of you know I am half Greek half Italian… The “depux” part comes from my beloved cousin Giulia Valenti. My family there call me Depi (cause Despina is not so easy and common). So one day she spontaneously called me “Depux”, making fun out of my name cause Greeks have “ξ” / “x”- in a lot of words… I loved it and 5 years later there it was! I used DI from DIsegno which in italian means Design. “Di” also means “from”. So all together “di depux” in my mind means Despina’s Designs!
How did you start with jewelry design and what are your main inspirations when it comes to accessories?

When I was a little girl, I loved jewelry-and was making jewelry, simple ones with beads only. Then after 2 years from the opening of my design studio, I thought “lets make some jewelry that suits me, my design way, and style...” I had a client (for who I designed her corporate identity) –Erato- that was jewelry designer, and I thought “lets make some, show them to her and see what she thinks about them.” She liked them and told me about an exhibition that would take place and was seeking for creative people. From that point and on I kept designing accessories … Everyone seem to like them, and I just keep on making more…

My inspiration is fashion, films, games, characters, things I like, symbols, graphic design in general, in a sense that my jewelry are colorful-happy-and with a sense of humor sometimes…
Give us a brief description of your creative procedure when assembling a piece. What is important? Favorite materials / techniques?

When I have an idea, I try to perform it in the best way I can. I work with 2-3 techniques, but I always try to search for more… I mostly work with acrylic (plexiglass), which allows me to reproduce a custom made piece.

Firstly, I imagine the shape, make some sketches, try to simplify it. I think about the colors and the final materials. Sometimes, I just see it in my dreams…it pops up!

Graphic Design is another creative field that you are interested in. Tell us about your experience in this area. What is the most fascinating project you have undertaken and why?

Graphic design is my main occupation. I consider myself as a designer in general, but whatever I create (corporate identity or jewelry) I think that the base is graphic design…I’ve been working as a graphic designer for about 9-10 years…but I launched my studio in 2005. I wanted to have the freedom and the space to do a variety of things.

Since then I met a lot of different people and worked with amazing small or bigger projects… Sorry I can’t choose something in particular. You can’t choose between your children, which one you like more….can you??
When not creating and designing, what else fills your time. Any hobbies?

I consider my work as a hobby!!! hahaha…except that, I like to travel. I go to at least 3 trips abroad per year . It is very important for me to see new things, and places. I love watching movies and eating in nice restaurants. I also like cooking and redecorating my home, or office. Nothing wild in particular …
How do you see the creative scene evolving in Athens and what would you advise new upcoming designers?

I think that there are a lot of talented people in Athens, many great things happen every day…I advise them to work-work-work…..

Use 10 tags to describe yourself

Positive, creative, spontaneous, serious, communicative, generous, pink & sweet…need more??

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Whatever you are doing people, try to do it the best way you can and always try to enjoy every moment


Young, beautiful and multitalented, Christina Bratuska has a passion for both photography and music. Today she shares her views on EyeCandies!

Christina nice to have you here. Please tell us what intrigued your passion for photography and how did it all start?

I'm very happy for your invitation. Your site is very beautiful. I was never passionate about photography. Five years ago, I decided that, after finishing my theater studies, I should study something that I "disliked". At the time, I had no idea how wonderful the world of photography was. My only relationship with it, was when I was on holidays and people were chasing after me, in order to take my picture! In 2006, I enrolled with Leica Academy.

How did you come up with “Seventh Swan” and what does it mean?
That's a really good question! Unfortunately, it's a question I cannot give an answer to. I can only say that "Seventh Swan" means a lot to me.

When it comes to portraits, how do you approach your subjects and what do you aim to reveal through your photos?

That's a difficult question. The approach is radically different for each person that is photographed, and so is the way that I work. I somehow, become the "mirror" of the person being photographed, giving them whatever they want. Through this very exhausting and magical procedure, I capture the moment that I want.

You also have a lovely voice and have been actively involved in singing and music in general. Give us an overview. Does your singing somehow combine or interact with your photographic pursuits and how?

I would say that there's no interaction between music and photography. For me, the worlds of music and photography, are two completely different and unrelated worlds. The world of music is in front of the lens, while the world of photography is behind the lens. I love music as much as I love photography, although in a somewhat different way. Both my parents, are classical musicians. I was grown up in music. Later on, music grew in me. I started choosing what I wanted to listen. I went through a lot of stages and different genres of music, from classical music to rock, metal, gothic, funk, jazz, blues, etc. Yet still, music grows in me. The last five years, I collaborate on a permanent basis with a group named "Carpe Diem". For those interested in my musical activities, I have created a MySpace page.

What part of Athens inspires you the most and what are your views on street photography?

The city of Athens has a lot of energy, and a warmth unlike any other place. One thing that I particularly like, is the city's narrow back streets. For example, in the neighborhood of Plaka, one can discover a lot of interesting things...

Which photographer would you choose to capture your portrait and why?

Nikos Vasilakis, with whom I've done some shootings. I consider him as one of the best Greek photographers at the moment, and I think that he still has a lot to give!

Who are your top 5 favorite greek artists?

I'm sorry, but I will disappoint you. One thing is for sure, I cannot even name five of them. I really appreciate Dionysis Kotsakis. I've witnessed his everyday struggle, and closely followed the progress of his work. On the other hand, had you asked me about foreign artists, I would surely be able to name a lot more of them, And this is something that's obviously connected to my personal music preferences.
How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? What are your long-term goals concerning your photography?

I cannot see myself tomorrow, let alone in ten years! But since you asked, in ten years I'd like to be able to travel a lot, discovering and taking pictures of new places and people. I cannot commit to long-term objectives, because of the fact that there are a lot of factors influencing our lives, which are not completely dependent on us.

Is there anything you would like to add and share with us?

Yes! I'm really flattered and moved by the fact that you liked my work and gave me the opportunity to talk about it! I have uploaded samples of my work in my personal website. Thank you very much.


I got acquainted with Jason Levesque’s (aka stuntkid) artwork when I first set up my myspace account back in 2006! It was love at first sight! His girls are delicious to look at and I absolutely adore his themes and illustration style.

I’m so excited and happy to have him on EyeCandies! Here is what he told me:

Hello Jason and thank you for doing this interview for EyeCandies. Where did your nickname “stuntkid” come from?  

I came up with the name back in 2000 when i was just getting started. I'd played around with a few names ultimately settling on "stuntkid" because the URL was available. Back in those days I was really into mountain boarding and was known around the office for engaging in reckless stunts. I once rode my mountain board down a flight of steps through the secretaries office, out the front door and down two more sets of stairs into the parking lot.

At the time the name seemed fitting, the more time passes the less fitting it will inevitably become. I'm fine with that though. By definition "stunt" means something unordinary done for attention. My artwork could in many cases be viewed that way.
What was your favorite drawing subject as a kid? Have you kept any of your earlier drawings/sketches?  

Girls, it was always girls. I'd also draw robots, skeletons, dragons and ninja's but if you were to look for a theme, it always came back to girls. I have a lot of old drawings, they're not very good, I'm pretty sure I was a late bloomer. No one would say "wow, so talented for being so young".
Most of your illustrations feature gorgeous girls who often find themselves engaged in almost surreal situations. I feel that color plays a vital role in your work. Can you talk to us about your creative procedure / techniques?  

I usually start with a photo I've taken for reference. Sometimes the photo was taken with a concept in mind, but many times I build the concept around the pose. Many times I'm inspired by a science based subject I'm reading about. I'll get excited about something in the natural world and try to mesh it into my illustration work.

If the subject matter is something really foul, like slugs or worms, I'll balance the repulsion out with pretty colors. The pretty face draws you in, the mollusks repulse you then the pretty colors draw you back in.  

Like I said I'll begin work from a photo reference either drawing it in photoshop using a Wacom tablet or drawing it on paper then scanning in the line work. The coloring I do in Photoshop. I lay in my flat colors using the pen tool then apply scanned textures over the image.

I only recently discovered your delicious photography collection of glam fetish girls. How did you start and evolve in this field?  

The photography started as a means to build up a large collection of reference photography. I feel that it's important, if you're going to heavily reference photography, that the photography be your own.  

It developed into a hobby and i really enjoyed the learning process. I shot for about 5 years and was lucky enough to shoot with some of the biggest talents in the "alt modeling" scene. Doing photography well is no small undertaking and the hobby started to overshadow my real passion which is drawing. It's very time consuming and I'd find myself spending entire months arranging shoots. I was scheduling hair and makeup talent, picking up wardrobe, housing the models, building sets and accessories, shooting and editing photos. The time left for simply sitting down and drawing was getting smaller and smaller, so I gave the photography up.  

It was fun while it lasted and I got a lot of good material. I still shoot reference material from time to time but nothing that will be edited and posted.

Talk to us about your books “Girls are Pretty” and “Pretty Gross”.  

Both books hold the work of about 2 years. They were a lot of fun to put together, especially Pretty Gross in which I spent a lot of time and effort on page layout. I'm sure in another 2 years time I'll be ready to put out another. I like them, they are a cheap way to collect a lot of imagery since the books are cheaper than most prints.

[You can view and order the books here]
Which was the most memorable exhibition you participated in and why?  

That would have to be the "Audrey Kawasaki and Friends Show" There were so many hugely talented artists there and it was my first chance to meet a lot of them in person. I still talk with most of them online and have continued to participate in group shows with them. Networking is very important when it comes to showing your art and that was my first chance to network with other artists at that level.  

Any future projects we should look forward to? Give us a sneak peak!  

At the moment I'm working on new stuff to show at Pretty Gross and Friendly Ghosts, a Show with my wife here in Virginia. After that I have a solo show in Toronto, a group show in Monterey, California and group show in Portland Oregon. It's going to be a pretty busy year, which is always a good thing.

I met Tassos Papaioannou when I first discovered his Giganto Comics series. He is a multitalented guy with an awesome illustration portfolio. Personally one of my fav greek illustrators – comic artists. He has proven his creativity in various fields and was also included in Taschen’s Illustration Now vol.2 2009! He shares his views with EyeCandies.

Hey Tasso! You’re into so many creative things: illustration, graphic design, publishing, comics, music. How do you manage to combine and which field in particular wins you over?

Hello  Aphrodite! This thing with doing so many different things, actually came by chance. I started as a self-taught comic artist and illustrator and got my first job in 2001. I took some classes for artistic b/w photography and I also had the  chance to study graphic design because I won a prize in a competition. All the other things that I love doing, from journalism and radio production, to publishing books and set-designing  came as a  surprise, which is something that I am really grateful about it. I think that illustration and graphic design win me more because they take most of my time.

What is your favorite drawing / designing subject and where do you seek inspiration?

As you can see from my portfolio, I really love drawing people. People are the essence of life. I seek inspiration from everyday life and stories, from my friends, from artists (of every creative field) that I admire.
Can you describe an average working day in your studio?

I usually wake up near 10:00 in the morning (some times earlier, some other times at noon). The first thing I’m doing is to hit the power button on my computer. While the computer is starting, I make coffee. I check various sites on the internet (design-related and not) and I speak with clients on the phone if that is necessary. I eat lunch and then I start working on a project. If I finish early, I start working on another one or continue with a work-in-progress of mine. There are times that I work until the early morning hours, but that happens when I know that I don’t have any other deadline for the next day. I do mini breaks for speaking on the phone with friends, watching episodes of tv series or just fooling around on the internet.

Talk to us about Giganto Books. How did it all start and what are your future plans for this project?

Giganto books started 6 years ago and publishes only comic books, mostly by greek comic artists. During those 6 years 26 books have been published. Giganto started while I was a member of Subart Comics team. Back then we wanted our comics to be published in good quality (offset print) and in good paper and there was no other comics publishing company to do that (in Greece). To tell you the truth, now I don’t know how things will turn out for giganto books. I have some problems with the distribution of the comics and the payments from the bookstores. That’s serious shit! Thought I’m not gonna quit believing in it. In April, at Comicdom Con Athens 2010, 3 new comics will be released by gignato: “common comics” #5 by Panayiotis Padazis, “krak komiks” #5 by Tassos Maragos and last but not least “hehe” vol.II, #1 by Tomek & JB. Also giganto’s new site will be up on the internet, soon.

Share your top fives in: art, magazines and music

Top-5 in Art (in general):

1. James Jean > http://www.jamesjean.com/
2. David Fincher > http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000399/
3. Chris Ware > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Ware
4. Charlie Kaufman > http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0442109/
5. J. D. Sallinger > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Salinger

Top-5 in Magazines:
1. +81 > http://www.plus81.com/
2. IdN > http://www.idnproshop.com/
3. TAR > http://www.tar-art.com/
4. WAD > http://www.wadmag.com/wadmag/
5. Wired > http://www.wired.com/

Top-5 in Music:
1. The National > http://www.americanmary.com/
2. My Wet Calvin > http://www.mywetcalvin.com/
3. Pan Pan > http://postnoise.com/
4. Architecture in Helsinki > http://www.myspace.com/aihmusic
5. Roisin Murphy > http://www.roisinmurphy.com/

What would you advice a young upcoming artist / designer who is just starting out?

To observe nature as much as he can, to spent time on personal works and arty experiments, to promote/communicate his works on the internet and beyond, to aim high without losing focus of himself as a creator, to try to have fun on every project, to leave Greece while he is still young.
What do you consider as your most important achievement by now and what are your future plans?

The most important achievement and the thing that I am most proud of myself is that now I make a living from something that I really love: creating art. Believe me, it wasn’t easy and I didn’t have a lot of support when I was younger.

For future plans, I am joining forces with Penny Zevoli on a great project that is called FIIL (stands for Friday I’m In Love). I can’t say much more about FIIL right now. Soon the official site www.fiil.gr will be online with more info. We are working on it.

This is it! Thanks for participating! Anything else you’d like to share?

No, I guess that’s all. Thank you a lot for having me here. It’s been a pleasure.