Kristamas Klousch is a young artist with a distinct passion for photography! A sample of her portfolio has been already featured in EyeCandies and time has come to host an interview with the girl that captures the essence of dreaming through self-portraiture.

Welcome to EC Kristamas! When did your photographic explorations begin and what triggered your creativity?

I can't really pinpoint an exact time though my childhood was full of creative individuals and I had the opportunity for so many creative adventures. I can remember being a very imaginative child, I had a collection of dolls that I would create stories for, it's funny to remember. I recall cutting up old clothes and sewing outfits for them, I would also draw a lot--my stepmother is a painter, she was very influential in that respect. I have also spoken a few times about my father being a huge influence ... one of his hobbies was photography and I can remember sneaking into his room to look at photos he had taken, it fueled a lot of my curiosity for the camera. When he knew I showed interest he taught me how to develop film, and always gave me access to a camera. It wasn't until my late teen years that I started to experiment with self-portrait photography, using myself in the photo was more due to being a loner and I've always enjoyed working alone in that way.

Recently featured in the photo section, Black X List Photography captured my interest with his inspiring urban shots taken in the deserted High Peak College. Today, Martin the photographer talks to us about his true passion: photography! Enjoy!

George Beleveslis aka WAKE is an active street artist with numerous paintings both in Greece and abroad. Passionate about graffiti he has also collaborated with other artists, bringing some color and emotion in grey city walls! Today he unravels his thoughts on urban art and talks about his creative explorations! Let’s welcome him :)
Hello George and welcome to EC! When did you start actively doing street art? Do you remember your first wall painting?

Thessaloniki, 1997. I was in the car with my dad driving to Kalamaria, when I suddenly caught a glimpse of a huge “Wall of Fame” under a bridge. For months, every time we passed by, I knew I only had just a few seconds available to see the painted walls through the window as we passed by. Not having a photo camera, I decided to walk to this place and document these alien things by hand drawing everything in my school sketchbook. For days and days, I was trying to understand and conceive all these arrows, stretched  geometries  and English words.

I hadn’t realized that a word is actually the nickname of a unique person (tag) and I considered graffiti as a random  multiplication of words, symbols and colorful patterns. Who? When? Why? How? Well, curiosity killed the cat!

Books and older friends cleared things out for me. In the end, this lead to my first wall painting, a bad copy of a wildstyle ('joser'). I remember the strong smell of the spraycan paint, my dirty clothes, the dumbed wall, the joy of vandalism and that incomparable feeling after I had finished. The world has never been the same after that. I was infected. I was a graffiti writer.

Dimitris Kanellopoulos aka b-positive is another designer I’ve met online via VCDC a few years ago. Active and passionate with graphic design, he has won various design awards for his inspiring work and he is currently the President of the Greek Graphic Designers Association Board. He talks to us about his projects and shares his views and advice on the field of visual communication. Let’s hear him out!

Welcome to EyeCandies Dimitri! You’re dealing with design in various aspects, but how did you start and what were your first creative outlets?

I started back in 2001 when I worked in a photographic studio (eyephobia adv.) for six months. Ι had just returned from my military service. Then I did my BA at Kent Institute of Art and Design and in 2003 I got my first job at “Ideografiki SA” as a junior designer.