Christina Skarpeli
Best New Designer  on Athens Xclusive Designers Week,
October 2010, Athens -Greece

Christina Skarpeli – multitalented artist, fashion designer, fashion stylist and editor, art and fashion columnist, fashion blogger, and many more. She debuted as a designer on Athens Xclusive Designers Week with her first collection “ARTificial UtOpIa” for Scarp by Christina Skarpeli. Her second collectiongave her a great success winning the award of the Best New Designer on AXDW and a fashion show in Monaco. As the lucky one, I have attended her winning show “Sloth in Euphoria”. I was completely bewitched with the whole performance.

In her blog in the description note she wrote that “after her preparation for qualifying examinations for the School of Fine Arts, the fashion world won her over”. Or maybe she is going to win over the fashion world?


Gildas is one of the first people I met through MySpace and the first time I laid my eyes on his work was pure fascination! And since GWL Graphisme was the first feature in the EyeCandies Art Section, I thought it would be a nice idea to host an interview with my talented friend from France, celebrating our blog’s first year online! Are you ready to be amazed? ;)

Welcome to EyeCandies Gildas! You were the first artist to be featured in the Art Section and I’m very happy to host your interview now – especially as we’re celebrating the blog’s first “birthday”. How did your creative journey begin? When and how did you realize that illustration was the main thing you’d go after?

Hi Aphrodite! Thanks for this nice birthday invitation :)

It’s very pleasant as I do remember well our first messages on MySpace few years ago.

My creative journey began around the age of 10, with comic strips. This tool was perfect for my imagination. Then drawing, that first was just a way to tell stories, quickly became something more fascinating. As i was growing I became interested by the power of suggestion of a picture, the way it creates, in the viewer’s mind, a springboard to its own imagination; and in other ways, very personal emotions. I experienced other ways, like paintings and photography, but finally it’s the informatics tools that really feed my creation, allowing me to pass through my gaps, through the lack of time, to finally find my way in this big kitchen where I mix both drawings and pictures.