Christina, the talented and sweet accessory designer of “Strigles” lets us in her fairy tale world, a place filled with colorful inspiration. Mixing and matching, assembling and creating, this girl’s energy is enough to light up any room. Let’s find out about her magic spells!

Hello Christine, what’s the story behind your brand name “Strigles”?


Kingdoms shake….
crowns that shine…
refilling of the broomstick in action…
Shrews are tangled in piles of wool and they confirm NeVer nEvEr TiCkLe A GoRiLa, WhEn Is HeLpInG uS  CrEaTe RaRe ChAiRs LeGs!!!!!!!
Shs!!!!It’s a secret!!!!

How long have you been crafting and how did it all start?

When I was still a tiny little person, I remember holding in my hands a string and a bag full of pasta... creating my first jewelry … that I gave away to my teachers and friends.

Later growing up, I painted the pasta, added ribbons and they became very impressive! It pleased me, expressed me, made me travel, still does… And so on so forth… It was something magical to me, like trying to complete a fairy tale…!!!
Most of your creations have a rather playful and girly touch. What inspires you?

From my little Divina! When she is reading her fairy tales, when she is playing with her colorful toys! Many times I tried to discover what she is thinking… Every page is a mystery to me. Every look on her eyes is a surprise for me! Every smile of hers an inspiration!

Colorsssss!!!!! How many sleepers can a sleepy butterfly wear? Who is in need of many kisses, 2 twin fairies or a little witch? Why does she have in her collection the glasses that Cinderella’s grandma wore and Aladdin’s lamp? To answer your question lets just say that I am trying to visualize and give life to her wonderful being with colors colors colors….. Did I mention colors?
You create a wide variety of accessories. What are your favorite materials and what do you enjoy making the most?

Materials? Whatever I find! Ribbons, buttons, wire, plastic, useless things. Whatever draws my attention. To be more specific, an example is my last winter collection that focuses around Granny’s Needles & Crafts! It includes, buttons, bobbins, zippers, needles and many more… As for what I enjoy most…??? It depends… for example how many sleepers can a sleepy butterfly wear or who is in need of many kisses, 2 twin fairies or a little witch?

How would you describe the ideal girl wearing your accessories? What would she love or hate and how would she approach styling in general?

A “strigla”, who loves colors and mix and match!! Nothing more nothing less!
Share your top 5 sites where you seek inspiration or just love to visit


and of course eyecandies
Is there anything else you’d like to share and, last but not least, can you give us a peak to your future plans?

Hmmmm! There is something that has crossed my mind… but I think it’s better if I do not say anything.. I’ll let time speak…!!!

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