What do you seek to reflect through your photographs?

Well, it's all about that deeper need of self-expression! Photography is my way to bring to light my artistic nature, to come to terms with my urge to be creative and sometimes make an ethical stand. Through my photographic lens I struggle to reveal and capture the truth of my subject at that given moment, according to my angle.

Tell us in a few words the basic rules for a successful photoshoot.

If I am going to refer to 2-3  basic elements for a successful shooting, I would definitely say: Love what you do, be yourself and have luck on your side.
Share a funny / weird situation you found yourself in during a photographic session.

A few years back I was in Bangkok for a fashion photo shoot. During the shooting I found myself near the pool and accidently fell into the water! MTV television was also there to take some backstage video, so the next 2 months I was shown in MTV as the funny guy who fell in the pool with his camera.

Sketching and drawing is also a field you are interesting in. What inspires you?

I always liked to draw images from my imagination or based on things that I've read or issues that concern me from time to time. I mainly use pencil or coal. Up to now, I have worked on an idea that refers to an imaginary future period, when human kind has survived from Word War IV and begins to enterprise voyages into deep space with extravagant spaceships made by garbage! I have made sketches of spaceships, in a comic kind style. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the outcome and the intricate technical details but hey, they sure can’t fly!
Who are your top 5 fav photographers?

Anders Petersen, Richard Kern, Terry Richardson, Misha Gordin, Erwin Olaf

Any new feature projects we should look forward to?

After my recent successful cooperation through WhiteBox, with Ms Thomais Straycat, a young upcoming fashion designer, I am thinking of launching a new initiative and work more systematically with young talented designers, in order to promote their work in the fashion industry.

I’m also going to collaboratively organize and participate in an exhibition including photography, mixed media and digital art which is going to be hosted by WhiteBox,

At the same time, I’m working on my personal project/portfolio/gallery and the completion of an idea/concept for a future personal photo exhibition. So let's keep in touch!
Nikos Pitsilos official site is currently under construction.  Search him on Facebook.
A huge fan of vintage and a jewelry designer. Talk about your passions. 

Well, you said it! I am a vintage junkie…I love the forms, intricacy, materials, love that went into creating antique or retro pieces…whether it is jewelry, decorative objects or clothing.

A twist of romance and kitsch just gets my juices flowing!
Nature also inspires me… anything floral.
My other life long passions are travelling, my partner and my friends J

As a co-founder of WHITEBOX, you have come in touch with countless young designers and artists. How would you describe the current craft scene?

The scene is divided into professionals and a growing number of hobbyists. Independent craft & design has found it’s way into the hearts and into the hands of many creative people during  the last years.

Thankfully, designers and artists are becoming more and more individual. There is still an amount of copying  going on –the greatest form of flattery they say- but new materials, unique designs and ideas are brewing and we at Whitebox support anything fresh and well made!
What inspires you when creating and how would you describe the whole creation procedure?

Sometimes I am guided by the practical, commercial side of my business and create limited edition collections for each season. For these, I am usually inspired by a theme and work around that.

But my fetish  is creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces from original vintage components. I can spend a day working on a piece until I am happy…many times I am surprised myself by the outcome and how the individual pieces have guided me towards the completed design.

Flowers of all shape and form and the colors  pink and green are signature themes of my work… somehow they find their way into all seasons and all collections!

I am usually very organized & quick at making pieces but sometimes procrastinate till the last minute!
Share 5 craft eye candies from ETSY:

i LOVE her work and have several original collages
I get all my natural make up from here-what I don’t make myself!
One of the most amazing jewelry designers/artists!
Beautiful dreamy dresses…
vintage style photography
What in your opinion are the new trends in jewelry / fashion accessories?

Recycled. Recomposed. Redesigned. 

Use 10 tags [words] to describe your creative persona.

Romantic. Inquisitive. Kitschy. Multitasking. Erratic. Over-the-top. Organized. Fast. Playful. Obsessive. J 
Give us a glimpse of your future projects/plans. 

My main immediate focus is to find balance between work and life.
Learn to sew better.
See Whitebox grow even more and be a well known platform for new emerging designers and artists.
Find time to update my personal website again!
Decide whether to take my Organic Soul Body & Bath line to a further level.

My long term dream is to relocate somewhere far away and be able to be creative for a living  while living a calm life with my partner and many many dogs! 
Alexandra Kollaros
When did you first start meddling with art?

I have been “meddling” with it for a while now... My background is originally in design but art has been in the picture since forever. And I will keep “meddling” with it until it comes to the point that it bores me. But at the moment art makes me happy, you can count on it.  Do note though that meddling is a term that will not be particularly appreciated by the general art crowd, people tend to take their stuff a bit more seriously!

How did the artAZ project come up and how has it evolved in time?

It has been in the back of our minds for a very long time before it eventually materialized. At some point we decided (together with Angel Agiostratitis, artAZ partner and Creative Director) the time was right to go ahead. That was in February 2007. It has been going crazy ever since. The idea was an immediate hit but it is such a relative thing within the entire context of things. It is private effort that started very small and just keeps growing. Within this time we managed to already have a solid, international presence but artAZ is still a baby, compared to what we have in store for it.

Talk to us about your most interesting project till now.

At the risk of sounding complacent, I find all my projects to be very interesting. They become so for different reasons every time (e.g. “Surprise” was extremely interesting because of the challenge of working with a phenomenal amount of artists and at the end of the day we were contributing to a noble cause, “Bad Girls don’t go to Heaven” was interesting because we had the opportunity to work with superstar names like Louise Bourgeois and make their work naturally converse with that of young, upcoming artists, and so on). Obviously the most interesting project is always the next one. So far it has been a very interesting ride – there is always a nice moment coming up.
What are your thoughts concerning the Greek contemporary art scene?

Is this a tricky question? Do you mean in relation to itself in the past or within the bigger picture? It is a different thing altogether. There sure is plenty of talent here, which is great but sometimes I feel the main problem is exactly that: we seem to have too much of everything - plenty of artists, plenty of galleries, plenty of exhibitions, plenty of everything and in the end we get caught up in the excess of things. But as a general assessment I think things are looking up and there is PLENTY of good stuff going around and plenty more to go.

What fields of art attract your more and what inspires you?

Art that is good really - it attracts me regardless of the field it comes from. My personal preference lies in Urban & Street Art. Not in the way that it is capitalized upon by whomever – I am talking about the real thing. As far as inspiration goes, all kinds of things inspire me. To name a few at random: challenge, beauty (the way I personally perceive it), power, skulls, guns, harmony, death, money, food, pain, myself… and I could probably go on for a while...
Boarding Gate @ K-art Gallery
Favorite artists/ designers?

Uuh, that would be a very long list really. I’ll just focus on today: The Chapman Borthers, Damien Hirst, John Isaacs, Pure Evil just to name a few. Obviously, I am not willing to name Greek artists; I hope it is understandable I can’t afford the time to explain myself to those I will not name! Design-wise I’d have to say Verner Panton Tom Dixon, Michael Young, Inflate. With very few exceptions, my flavor is British.

Would you like to share any of your future plans?

Not really, I think I’ll pass on that. Whenever we share plans they end up being stolen, so it will have to be a no! Let’s just say that we are making sure there is constant growth ahead of us, to the extent that we can control it. The main plan is to enjoy it all, otherwise it is not worth it.

At the moment we are preparing the second edition of SURPRISE – the grand scale charity exhibition for the homeless of Athens. This time it is even bigger, we are working with 300 hundred artists. You can check it out here: http://www.artaz.gr/eng/hotspot3b.html

Also, let me just say how honored I am to be the first to be interviewed here and wish you my sincere best for success and fun, always.