Hello Alison, can you tell us what are your influences and inspirations when creating jewelry?

Hello Eye Candy. When I make jewelry, I just try and think in terms of simplicity.  Big, light, uncomplicated earrings that suit the ladies, day or night.  The materials I use influence and inspire me, and I just try and create jewelry that goes with all clothing and occasions.

What are you favorite materials and techniques?

I am especially fond of wood.  I like organic feeling jewelry.  Metals such as silver, gold, copper, and bronze.  As for techniques, I employ my hands and simple tools.  No fire of heavy machinery.  Just a big table and various plyers, music and caffeine.

Can you give us a brief description of your average working day?

It varies really.  Half the days of the week I spent downtown in the city center meeting people for the market, buying materials, getting things printed, sorting our business with the tax office.  The other half of the week, I am in doors making jewelry, staring at my computer screen... emailing and working on the website.  

I don't have an average day, and I like it that way.

The Meet Market is now well known in the design and craft community. How did the project begin?  

The project had humble beginnings.  The first Meet Market was a christmas bazaar at K44 with about 25 artists.  I am happy to say that those 25 vendors are still with us today, 2 years later.  We continue to expand and grow and learn, and now we have around 100 vendors total.  

Which in your opinion are the main attributes of the craft society in Athens?  

If craft society means the creative people in athens, then I think we're on a good road heading somewhere even better.  Compared to 10 years ago, Athens feels like a much more vibrant city with more and more going on every year in terms of art, music, events and other creative fields.  There's a great deal of talent around.  

I do think however, that the state/government/tax office could be a lot more helpful and encouraging of small businesses and entrepreneurship.  Its one thing to have ideas, but another thing to be in an environment which supports and helps manifests these ideas.

Can you share some of your favorite designers/artists?  

All the vendors at the Meet Market.

I loved your modeling shots for Jessica’s Jewels by Nick Pitsilos. Give us a few backstage ‘gossip’  

There's no backstage gossip!  I went there Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, and sat on the chair, while Kyriaki (the make up artist), Jessica (madame white box/organic soul/jewels by jessica), Nikos (the photographer) and Sophia (Razzmatazz) buzzed around me, fixing my make up, hair, clothes and accessories.  

When I first sat down, I was a sleepy-eyed-semi-hungover-mess of a mut, and when I stood up again, I was an elegant vintage model.  Basically, the gossip is that they are a very talented, friendly team of creatives, with the ability to transform anyone into a cover girl.
Any future projects we should look forward to?  

Plenty more meet markets in new spaces with new and old faces... always striving to improve and evolve and offer something innovative.  


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Desperately seeking ALISON!!!!
London headquarters (ehm, Italian root) to Athens!


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