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This year was full of inspiration and creativity. 138 talented artists from all around the world were discovered, selected and showcased in the Art section of the EyeCandies Blog in an attempt to promote and enhance the creative community. Works from a variety of fields including: illustration, painting, collage, graphic design, sculpture, installations and more.

Below you can view artworks by all creatives featured and with just one click you can be transferred to the relative post where you can read more about the artist and of course check out the links to their official sites.

I hope you all enjoy and I would be more than happy if you shared this post as a sign of support to our community! My best wishes for an even more inspiring New Year!
Andrea Wan is one of my latest amazing discoveries. Images that travel you into a surreal and emotive world rich in surprises and inspiration. Her drawing style and coloring are so intimate, yet bold and expressive.

The artist currently lives and creates in Vancouver, BC and her projects have been featured in numerous fresh magazines.

Check out her blog here.
He sure does! Nick Iluzada is a truly talented illustrator, currently studying in MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). His drawings are filled with bursting energy, a sort of visual adventure and I am particularly enamored with his coloring and of course, his very special drawing style.

I’m really looking forward to viewing more from this young artist as I’m sure he’s got plenty to show in the future!
Laura Barnard’s work is inspired by the notion of city and of course architecture. Her cityscapes are amazingly detailed and her  quirky drawing style is different from the strict geometric lines often used to depict such subjects. Complexity remains but is often enhanced by a more dreamy perspective.

The artist is based in UK and you can check out more of her work here.