A former graphic designer, Dilka decided to dedicate her creativity in being a full time artist. I believe she took the right decision!

Her watercolors and acrylics on wood travel the viewer in magical worlds of visual pleasure and mystery. I particularly appreciate the balance in her color palette and the stylized attributes of her illustrated characters.

Browsing through her online shop one can find a variety of whimsical illustrations. Imagine her prints in light colored wooden or white matte frames. Pure pleasure!

I was amazed by the beautiful depictions of innocence and love for nature when I browsed through Hidden Eloise’s illustrated world. I absolutely love the earthly tones and balanced color palette in her pieces.

As the artists notes in her online bio: “I get inspired by silent creatures, faded memories of childhood, childish scribblings, monochromatic lithographies, repetitive mechanical sounds of bizarre gadgets with no apparent use, old toys, vintage illustrations from children's books and waiting for a rainbow to appear after the endless rains here in England.”

The artist’s studies in fashion design have obviously influenced her artwork! Femme fatales in bold colors, mysterious gazes, feminine patterns and a glam atmosphere are key elements in Peggy’s illustration world!

Peggy is currently living and creating in London and besides drawing she is also creating fabulous collages. For more, take a look at her Peggy Wolf Design shop in Etsy.

Colorful and abstract art series mostly inspired by nature elements by Rachel Ann Austin, an artist living and creating in Portland. I particularly enjoy the textures and brush strokes in her mixed media pieces. Not to mention the dreamy themes of her compositions. Beautiful work altogether!

As Rachel Ann mentions: “Common themes of abstracted landscapes, innocence, loneliness, travel and flight show up many times in my paintings. And circles - I have an obsession with circles.”
An inspiring and poetic artwork collection by Olivia Jeffries. I love the way texture plays a vital role in her pieces. As the artist notes: “Letters, books or journals for example are detached from their original role and are combined with imagery drawn from unexpected perceptions of beauty. Drawing and the use of line is intrinsic to my exploration of the barely tangible traces of life. Combining this with elements of painting, printmaking and collage I aim to create images that project the vulnerability of love, the precariousness of life and inevitability of death and hopes that anyone who observes my work will find within it equal parts beauty and sadness.”

Take a look at her print collection in her Restless Things shop in Etsy and view works in progress in her blog.
Meowza’s illustrations are probably the definition of cuteness! Awesome little characters come to life through beautifully colored drawings. A sweet message by the artist invites one to take a further look in this magic little universe: Hi! I'm meowza and I like to draw pictures of cats, pandas, rabbits, trees, and yellow things.”

Prints are available in meowza’s etsy shop and a wider collection of artwork is uploaded here: http://www.meowza.org/art.html


Another huge success story is that of Emily Martin, a talented girl residing Portland, Oregon, whose dreamy artwork has reached almost 28.000 print sales! And it is very easy to figure out why! Beautifully drawn characters with large cute eyes often engage themselves in various surreal adventures! 

Check out her gallery named “The Black Apple” for more eye-catching paintings and affordable prints.


, the artist behind Berkley Illustration creates original animal portraits.

The only difference is that these wonderfully depicted creatures pose as humans, wear clothes and have a sparkling personality of their own!

A very fresh idea and I must also note that his collection has been a major etsy success, having almost 15.000 print sales since 2007! WOW!
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Belinda Kemp is an Australia based artist creating imaginative and colorful abstract pieces with a touch of graphic design. Flowing forms and repeated patterns are used to depict emotions and thoughts.

A fresh mixed media and prints collection can be found in her Gretchen Mist shop.
Strange dark creatures lurk in Andy Kehoe’s paintings.

A very atmospheric painting collection with surreal and conceptual compositions.

I really like the detailed textures and color palette of his work.