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I was delighted to receive an email by artist Eliza Frye introducing me to her work which captivated me right from the start! Her fragile, yet expressive and poetic figures draw you into their mysterious worlds. Lovely use of bold and vibrant colors and a very interesting experimentation with negative space!

As I read in her official site: “The artist has studied Character Animation at California Institute of the Arts, holds a BA in Japanese Literature from UCLA and is currently working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Calarts. She also owns Miss Scarlet in the Parlor, an art gallery in Echo Park and teaches animation at Inner-City Arts through Calarts' Community Arts Partnership.”

Don’t forget to take a look at Eliza Frye’s online shop for an inspiring collection of both prints and original art!

I am fascinated with multitalented Matthieu Bessude
aka McBess. His site is a visual candy by itself, hiding
a large collection of fantastic black n’ white illustrations.
Character design in its best, I assure you. Plus a cool video
in the entrance of his site. Click-click!
His first solo comic book is entitled “Malevolent
is debuting along with his band’s first
record. The Dead Pirates have some seriously
cool tunes as well!

Super sexy pinup girls getting ready for Christmas

The talented illustrator Elias Chatzoudis is the creator of these hot stylized eye candies. His official site is under construction, so go take a look at his Deviant Gallery.

Panagiotis Pantazis aka Pan Pan is one of my fav greek comic artists. Illustrating short stories in urban environments and lonely, yet expressive characters who carry their own skeletons in the closet.

Pan Pan is also working on an ongoing music project which accompanies his artwork.

Take a closer look at his world.