I instantly fell in love with the original ‘Wannabes’ project by artist Deborah Brackenbury! Here plates play the role of canvas where imaginative compositions of taxidermy animal images are originally combined with traditional patterns, creating very stimulating and interesting pieces of art.

As the artist notes: “Sometimes I scan doll clothes into the computer, Barbie clothes being my favorite, and I dress the taxidermy animals in these outfits. The title Wannabes addresses our urge to create lives and stories for animals that represent our own desires. I have chosen to apply the images to vintage plates to reference the traditional commemorative plate. Each image is printed on a waterslide decal that is archival, smudge proof, waterproof, and fade resistant, and sealed onto the plate.”

And as if this is not enough, talented Deborah also has another stunning project where she designs concrete bowls and plates. Check out her “Impure Vessels” here.
Happy New Year everybody! During 2010 I discovered and featured the inspiring creations of 135 talented crafters from around the world! Items that vary but have a thing in common: inspiring creativity! In this roundup you’ll get the chance to discover a variety of items ranging from jewelry to decoration objects, fashion and accessories, handmade or assembled in a wide variety of materials, techniques and styles! I can almost guarantee you’ll find something you’ll adore!

All images are linked to a post where you can read more about a designer and most importantly, browse through more images and get the links to their online portfolios or shops.

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