Tim Witteveen creates small samples of our natural world: mosses, stones and lichens placed within beautifully colored glass shapes that are certain to add a touch of green to one’s space.

The designer has a background in illustration but gradually grew an interest for living dioramas within which he could unfold his creativity and love for nature. As he notes: “A well designed terrarium will stir your imagination and could transport you into a daydream. Look very closely, and you may see yourself as a child exploring the landscape within.”


Presenting the “Garden Markers” Project by Daisy Chestnut. An original way to remind you what you’ve planted!

Silverplated knives and spoons are decorated with hand-colored whimsical illustrations that add a tasteful art touch in your garden or houseplant.

The artist also undertakes custom orders. Just let her own which veggies, herbs or flowers you’d like to be drawn on your own garden markers!