As an artist myself, I have difficulties in finding the ideal frame for my artwork. So it was more than a pleasant surprise to discover the 2Dogs Wood Working frame studio. A wood working and framing team comprised of a husband, wife plus 2 dog helpers!

All frames are handmade: chopped, painted, joined and hand detailed, ensuring the uniqueness and originality of each piece.

“As owners of a custom picture framing shop we were constantly looking for unique frames to offer to our clients. We could never find anything that we really thought made the artwork snap. Pretty much the same old frames in every store. So, we decided to try to make our own. After a lot of trials and errors ( and some darn right ugly looking colors and frames ) we finally got it right. The "Colored Barnwood Style" was the first of our frame collection. After that "Style" we were pretty much addicted to creating unique handmade frames.”