Textured metallic forms and interesting minimal compositions by AntiGenre.

“An adventure in metal, gems and vintage beads that I started to fill my ‘spare’ time” as designer Lauren D. Markley notes.
I bumped into these original handbags today and I was so surprised by the whole concept that I couldn’t stop staring! A perfect idea for the stylish booklover don’t you think?

In “A Spoonful of Chocolate Hope” Etsy shop you can browse through a nice variety of purses. As the creator mentions: “No pages are harmed during the purse making process.. I take gently used books and only use the covers, the pages are still fully in-tact and you are still able to read the book. I then take the sleeve and wrap it back on to the fully in-tact book and donate it to a Refugee Center here in Arizona called the IRC.”.

Re-use is the password nowadays!
Lunar Lounge Design is an internet based furniture fabrication company that specializes in retro-modern stylish pieces. In their online shop one can also browse through a selection of storage solutions, home accessories and artworks. I absolutely love these retro cocktail tables!

“With an international client base and innovative perspective on Mid Century design combined with a self-taught, learn-as-we-go philosophy that has allowed us to approach challenges freely and discover new ideas. Taking an idea from the past and using modern materials and Eco friendly processes to create practical solutions for today's environments while retaining the same charm from decades ago. Design is the result of Idea”.
As an artist myself, I have difficulties in finding the ideal frame for my artwork. So it was more than a pleasant surprise to discover the 2Dogs Wood Working frame studio. A wood working and framing team comprised of a husband, wife plus 2 dog helpers!

All frames are handmade: chopped, painted, joined and hand detailed, ensuring the uniqueness and originality of each piece.

“As owners of a custom picture framing shop we were constantly looking for unique frames to offer to our clients. We could never find anything that we really thought made the artwork snap. Pretty much the same old frames in every store. So, we decided to try to make our own. After a lot of trials and errors ( and some darn right ugly looking colors and frames ) we finally got it right. The "Colored Barnwood Style" was the first of our frame collection. After that "Style" we were pretty much addicted to creating unique handmade frames.”

Giant Dwarf is an eco-friendly design company that creates handmade colorful accessories using wool felt. The Rosette Fascinators hairpieces are a hit in Sue Eggen’s collection. Hand-cut felt petals folded into small origami rosettes connected to a hidden black elastic band are guaranteed to make you feel happy and unique!

As the designer notes: “They are perfect to keep you fancy all day long + into the night and are ideal for bridesmaids + birthday girls.” A fantastic idea indeed!

The Wonderland Studio specializes in creating a magical and colorful atmosphere in your space. A perfect idea for nursery rooms if placed over the crib or changing table but also for decorating your living room of course! Just imagine these beautifully combined colors and shapes floating over your head!

These kinetic mobiles are handmade, light and ideal if you want to give a vivid touch of color in your life. What’s even more interesting is that the designer welcomes custom orders that can match with your own décor.

Jordo and Marcos are the 2 talented toy designers behind Space Boy Robot! Unique, handmade and most importantly, filled with inspiring imagination and creativity, these robot characters should really be considered art objects!

As the designers note: “Each robot contains a secret compartment that is usually unnoticed by most folks. The robot can be used to store: money, engagement rings, tiny pictures, wishes, paper clips, keys, Xanax, rocks, matches, glitter, beads, teeth, lint, bolts and screws, girls’ phone numbers, various shiny objects, newspaper clippings, a locket of hair from that girl you’ve been secretly stalking, a lucky 4 leaf clover, a shower cap from a posh hotel and much much more!”

Rush to their shop to get your own space boy robot or go for their flickr album and be amazed by even more creations!

In Utilitarian Franchise one can discover a fantastic collection of silk screened, handmade pillow covers depicting original artwork!

I particularly love the old/modern touch of these gorgeous monochrome designs. Imagine these displayed in your living room … would certainly add an arty touch to your space!

Meli loves felt and I love her creations! It’s that simple! Look at these natural seedpods filled with the purest merino wool. A lovely and original decoration idea that would instantly add a touch of color and nature in your space.

Meli also provides some cool decoration ideas:

You can spread them in a big wooden or glass bowl .This combination would make a beautiful centerpiece in a nature table.

You can add little ribbons to them and decorate your Christmas Tree or spread them in the dinner table on Thanksgiving's day.

Are you a craft lover? Then this little wooden boats can be small pincushion for your needles.

Drop by her Woolicious shop in Etsy and view her full collection of little wool wonders!


If you love urban art as much as I do, you’ll probably love these original lampshades created by RE-SURFACE! Cool textures, graffiti elements and light combine in an interesting urban de-light!

Donna Brady, the founder of RE-SURFACE has studied architecture and had also worked as a freelance graphic artist. She is currently living and creating in her studio in Brooklyn.