“Beauty is a weapon” is the motto of Roman, the designer of “Harem Royal”, a gorgeous collection of goth – Victorian and steampunk inspired jewelry. I am particularly impressed by the amount of detail and craftsmanship of these pieces! It really shows that they were made with true passion and this – in my opinion, is very important!

As Roman notes: “Balancing between the Oriental need for seduction and Western hunger for power, Harem Royal aims at satisfying the clashing demands of women's secret desires”.

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Anthony Tammaro creates unique neck sculptures in a combination of mechanical and organic forms inspired by under sea creatures. I am amazed by his gallery, as his creations are so theatrical and original and destined to inspire you!

The artist’s statement explains the concept beautifully.

Corezone is the fruit of the creative collaboration between Dorota Skalska and Agnieszka Mazur! While the first envisioned the concept upon her search about whether emotions can be fulfilled via an object, the second one provided the material they should use in order to convey the message.

Here is a brief description of the project I found in their official site: corezone is a closed ceramic space, where one can place their thoughts, feelings, emotions. An attempt to fulfill emotional needs by the means of an object, a try to withhold immaterial being in a material space.”

All I can say is that this made my day! Don’t forget to check out their site for more info on the process and the designers.