In Midwest Alchemy one can find a wide selection of handmade artisan rings rich in sculptural elements and gorgeous rough gemstones.

Here is a small introduction by the designer: “Currently I am exploring organic forms as sculptural elements. I am intrigued by the textures and subtle nuances of nature (shape, color, repetition) as well as those created by man. Mundane, often overlooked objects also act as a source of inspiration. Interesting, imperfect, non-traditional they may be…but a rusty gate, a crack in the sidewalk or a fallen oak represents the notion of a harsher, yet honest beauty. Each component, whether it be a stone - precious or not - or a seed pod - has been hand selected with these visuals in mind. A sculptural work of art – encompassing all of these concepts – created to be as unique as its wearer!”.
sjEngraving offers a fantastic range of ideas and variations on stone engravings. Either destined for a kind gift or for personal use, I believe that these decorative stones will definitely add a touch of nature and serenity in your living space.