ArtLab stands for outstanding urban fashion design! Patricia Ayres is the creative persona behind the fine arts studio based in New York. Having studied in both F.I.T. and Parson’s School of Design, she makes each piece upon order and subsequently gives it the attention it deserves!
Perfect for city divas, her outfits and accessories have an industrial couture look that is absolutely hard to resist!

Emily is the creator of these amazingly original and cute bears. Each little character is accompanied by a short story of its own and always seem to carry something in its lap: crystals, tiny bells, beads or even another cute tiny animal figurine!

The artist lives and creates in Ireland and the materials she mainly uses is wool, felt and tiny decorative jewelry. Blogs here!

A lovely collection for all bear-maniacs! View more in her ememem etsy shop!

Magnificent handmade artisan jewelry in sterling silver by Jorgensen Studio! The elegance of these pieces are beyond words. As the artist states “Each piece of jewelry is made start to finish by me in my studio by my hand using traditional metalsmithing fabrication techniques. I use natural gemstones,vintage beads and cabochons and precious metals in my jewelry”.

I really admire the detail and antique feel in all of Jorgensen studio’s pieces. View more in her inspiring place in Etsy!

Transforming wood into original sculptures is the specialty of Jerry Smith, a carpenter passionate for the wood turning craft! I’m absolutely fascinated by the contemporary design and abstract look of his creations!

As he mentions in his J&L Wood Turning shop in Etsy: “The grain pattern, color, shape, size and Jerry's own unique interpretation assure that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Once the piece has been turned on the lathe, it is sanded, dried and sprayed with either a lacquer finish for decorative bowls or walnut oil finish for salad bowls. Jerry uses cherry, maple, osage orange, oak, walnut, elm, catalpa and sumac and other types of trees he thinks would be interesting.”


Presenting the “Garden Markers” Project by Daisy Chestnut. An original way to remind you what you’ve planted!

Silverplated knives and spoons are decorated with hand-colored whimsical illustrations that add a tasteful art touch in your garden or houseplant.

The artist also undertakes custom orders. Just let her own which veggies, herbs or flowers you’d like to be drawn on your own garden markers!


I really like the diversity in Nafsika’s jewelry collection. Using a wide range of materials, one can find the perfect ring to suit her/his tastes!

Design plays a vital role in her creations and this is what, in my opinion, makes her artwork tasteful, elegant and very contemporary!

Nafsika lives and creates in Athens and as she states “Jewelry is not my full time job but it's my full time obsession! I started with beading but i found metal work more suited for me. Because i live in Greece light and color play an important role in my work. All of my pieces are individually made”.
Paper, cotton thread and a creative imagination are the key elements in Kristina Marie’s elegant decorations. 

The artist uses various antique books and experiments with different techniques in order to create this exquisite paper garland collection.

transforms plastic, inner tubes, advertising banners and various other materials into urban everyday creations such as messenger / tote / gym bags, tobacco cases and various fashion accessories

Michael the crafter behind ArtCore lives in the centre of Athens and founded the brand on 2008. Reuse and recycle are the key words of his original work!

I absolutely love the detail and cuteness of these beautiful figurines. Maria is the talented crafter of Heartshaped Creations and she creates her sweet creatures using polymer clay.

No molds are used for these unique objects. The whole collection is handmade and it is more than obvious that Maria has a passion for creating!

This is the definition of a fresh idea! One or more string instruments are transformed to fully functional original design objects.

The possibilities are endless in Calentano Woodworks. As they say: “If you can dream it, lets build it”.

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