An inspiring and poetic artwork collection by Olivia Jeffries. I love the way texture plays a vital role in her pieces. As the artist notes: “Letters, books or journals for example are detached from their original role and are combined with imagery drawn from unexpected perceptions of beauty. Drawing and the use of line is intrinsic to my exploration of the barely tangible traces of life. Combining this with elements of painting, printmaking and collage I aim to create images that project the vulnerability of love, the precariousness of life and inevitability of death and hopes that anyone who observes my work will find within it equal parts beauty and sadness.”

Take a look at her print collection in her Restless Things shop in Etsy and view works in progress in her blog.
Bob dinges
9/28/2018 09:54:14 pm

We have a number 1 of 50 signed and numbered print called "nothing to fear " we were wondering what this print would sell for?
Thank you for your help respectfully Bob and Kim dinges


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