Evrydiki’s handmade pieces are minimal, unique and very original. 

I particularly love the idea of the tiny blackboard embedded on a ring or worn as a necklace. It allows you to be imaginative, draw and wear your fav symbol or word.

Check out her beautiful collection!

1/6/2010 06:12:31 pm

αυτοι οι μαυροπινακες εχουν τρελλανει κοσμο!!!!! ταλαντουχο κοριτσι!!!!!!

1/6/2010 08:04:16 pm

This is one of my favorite items in her shop...then again it is hard to choose! She is so-o-o-o creative!

1/7/2010 04:56:16 am

i love Eyrydiki's work!


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