I absolutely love the detail and cuteness of these beautiful figurines. Maria is the talented crafter of Heartshaped Creations and she creates her sweet creatures using polymer clay.

No molds are used for these unique objects. The whole collection is handmade and it is more than obvious that Maria has a passion for creating!

1/20/2010 02:52:03 am

Beautiful!! I love Maria's creations, they are all so adorable!!

1/20/2010 03:14:22 am

Maria's work is amazing! As cute as possible and with great attention to details! I think it is a reflection of the inner beauty and love she has as a person :) ♥ I wish her all the best with her etsy shop.

1/20/2010 03:53:13 am

Thank you so very much for this sweet and beautiful feature :-D I'm really honored and touched by your wonderful compliments dear Aphroditi. ♥ THANK YOU!!!!♥

1/20/2010 04:00:08 am

You are most welcome Maria! The pleasure is all mine. Hosting you here makes my blog cuter ;)

1/20/2010 03:00:16 pm

Maria's work is always awesome! As she is...

4/27/2010 07:23:30 pm

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