Fredrik Ödman’s project “Composed Animals” is a truly imaginative and wonderful example of combining dream and reality!

The photographer’s site is a work of art itself so make sure to check it out and browse through his inspiring portfolio. Your enchantment is guaranteed!




Viewing the work of Kerstin zu Pan is like entering a fresh, fantastic world where surrealism, glam and beauty are dominant and dreamy visuals draw you in a playful and imaginative trip! The photos presented here are part of her “Paper” Fine Art project.

Check out her official site for an overview of her projects and a wide collection of her photography! The photographer lives and creates in Berlin.

Pet Cloud


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“Pet Cloud” has gained wide recognition in the online inspiration blogs and there is no mystery why! Playful, original and so fresh, Michael Casker inspires us with his imaginative and dreamy visuals.

The photographer has attended Brooks Institute of Photography and currently lives and creates in New York.
I discovered Black X List Photography just today and I was fascinated with the High Peak College urban exploration! A very large abandoned site where the current dark and trashed spaces used to be livable and full with young people. The controversy between the past and present makes this project even more interesting and conceptual, along with the sharp eye of the photographer who captures these images, giving them a dreamy, nostalgic essence. Furthermore, the crisp depiction of textures and playful light effects are a pure visual pleasure!