Fredrik Ödman’s project “Composed Animals” is a truly imaginative and wonderful example of combining dream and reality!

The photographer’s site is a work of art itself so make sure to check it out and browse through his inspiring portfolio. Your enchantment is guaranteed!
In feaverish’s photo shop one can browse through a variety of multi themed photo prints. I particularly enjoyed the Tiny Animals collection captured by an old Konica SLR depicting tiny animal toys. The blurred earthly tones really add a magic touch in the visuals!

The photographer notes: “Almost all of the photos were taken with various old film cameras. I love the way film looks, Polaroid especially, and I'm just not ready to abandon it for digital. Hopefully I never will be.”
The overwhelming colors of Tracey’s photographs are simply incredible! Images that seem to be taken out of a fairy tale or a magic wonderland of some sort …

Visit her gallery and view nature at its best! Macro photography depicting birds, flowers, trees, butterflies and more. An impressive and dreamy collection indeed!
I am quite awestruck by the originality of Grand Ole Bestiary photo project! A very impressive photo collection accompanied by a well presented mysterious story.

I’m posting the intro of Grand Ole Bestiary’s etsy shop: “The Grand Ole Bestiary is a collection of faux-antique, anthropomorphic, mythological curios. Each one carefully recovered from ancient catacombs discovered buried deep inside the molten core of a metaphysical holy mountain.

Touted as one of the most compelling discoveries of evidence that proves an enduring existence of these magnificent creatures that had long been worshiped and damned by human civilizations throughout history.”
I’ve always loved horses. This is why I was simply awe struck when I bumped into Wojtek Kwiatkowski's photo gallery of these beautiful Arabian Horses.

The motion and intensity in these shots is unbelievable. Visual poetry!